Coop exp bug still unsolved

It has been more than a week now that since Mengsk Release many of us have been complaing about an EXP bug that won’t allow us to increase our mastery level….

Moreover those who have a Stim currently active DEMAND a REFUND of the LOST TIME, bec of the company’s INCOMPETENCE !


yes… the whole week of double stim with the rest of warchest time is lost.

pretty sad.

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Hey man! Why so rude? We didn’t know yet if sc2 team have in mind a compensation. If not you are absolutely right to get mad.
I am not mad (I think ppl shouldn’t be, too) cause this game had survive not cause the incredible support players give to the game, mainly cause the CEO loves this game and even the lack or support of players, he keep going, I really dont know why, but I apreciate it. (My son had just advice me there is an upgrade, I hope the bug get fixed, so this conversation get outdated, lol)

Blizzard have now fixed the bug and have come out and extended the war chest bonus by 10 days. They are also releasing the christmas bonus early. This is NO colnselation for those of us who have been playing coop and have LOST all the exp points we’ve gained in that time. I have have lost 4 days of gameplay! Clearly NOTHING more is going to get done on this issue. Once again Blizzard offers a new product, takes your money and then doesnt deliver.

It works for me and it has been fixed. I have been playing the whole Dec and Jan. They gave us about a month time to catch up with bonus XP points. I lost about a week game play and now it has been added up after the latest patch. So I suppose the more I play during that time, I got my XP back.