Coop NEEDS new maps to stay viable

This nifty idea would lower your profits Blizzard, but take a look at it from my view:

We haven’t had a map since forever, you only keep adding commanders, which is great if you want to run out of ideas sooner and have a full wallet.

Why adding more maps is a good idea:
As of now, if you buy a new commander, you just level it to lvl 15, play the maps you played 1000 times and you’re done.

However… If you add a map, and It’s not a total failure (I would accept even that), It adds replayability for EVERY commander, new strategies to try and a shiny new map that you can play another one thousand times.

But mainly: It adds variation to the same roster we had for a year.

But what do I know about this kind of stuff, heh?

PS: You can rename this forum section to Co-op Commanders Discussion. It’s only that.


Better idea: every time they release a coop commander (maybe every other) release a map themed around that character. I think that would be really cool.


That is even better! I’d really like to see some new maps and commanders.

I would also like to see new maps I wanna feedback to Blizzard Email but not sure whats the Email.

We need a map without time limit like dead of night to build up forces and then fight the other bases but we can use our co op heroes

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While idk how popular the idea would be, but I too would personally enjoy some longer Co-op missions that allowed for more lategame fights as some do feel like they end right around the point my lategame has just begun.
but i don’t play SC at 500Apm either lol

I have only been playing SC2 a short while. returned player from SCbw & WoL original release.
I really like the concept of Co-op commanders and hope Bliz may decide to keep adding upon it in the future.
The maps I’ve played so far have been enjoyable, (some more than others) but have quickly found myself repeating the same maps/objectives and I got the impression pretty fast that there probably were not a lot of maps in the rotation.

so overall I agree with this thread & OP that it is great for the game in the long run, to add more maps at some point :slight_smile:

also like the interesting suggestion about Bliz introducing some maps themed around the existing (and new) Commander selections.

not trying to plug too hard, but i created a thread about Izsha as a possible (Announcer or) Co-op Commander, and while the idea isnt fully fleshed out yet.

the jist was that Izsha has the potential to be an interesting “Zerg Air/Anti-Air” type of Commander.
(plus 2 other possible playstyles suggested previously on reddit)
but i haven’t seen many Air based maps in SC2 so far since I’ve been back…

& just to be clear, I’m not suggesting an “Air Only” map for Co-op. but it would be interesting to see a higher variety of maps in general, and theming some new maps around each of the Commanders (or perhaps portions of them, at a time) could add even more flare to the game mode and it’s future releases.