Does reporting work

Apparently this isn’t something I can ask through customer support so let’s try it like this.

Dear Blizzard,
Does the report button do anything? I’m constantly running into people who clearly violate the In-Game Code of Conduct. I’m not just talking about the usual rude behavior but also a lot of teamkills like this player encountered (Whats wrong with people) plenty of racist/sexist names etc. Come on. What’s the point of having a code of conduct if you don’t enforce it?

It is there to have The Placebo Effect.

They only enforce abusive chat like racist swearing and when there are a lot of reports. Teamkilling obviously never gets sanctioned as for botting and mass insta leaving team games

Source: I got a 1 week ban (but only after 1 month after the fact for some reason)

No, it doesn’t matter if you report them or not.
Just be a dick and no one cares

This just in, reporting doesn’t work

leaver botting? allowed
swearing racial slurs? maybe you get an automated slap on the hand


Report does work ! Im leaver botting my self and get Chat restriction many times ! :slight_smile:
shoutout @Ketho

LG Anubis

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Hey dude since you’re still at it, I made a GM ticket to report you. I bet they’ll just ignore me and apparently I’m the only person on this planet who even gives a fuck anymore

Why are you leaver botting in 1v1 tho. and why 20 accounts. like, wat

leaver botting in 1v1 with 20 accounts because i play against my other accounts. I set the timer to 4 seconds on half of the accounts and the other half 3 seconds. So 1 half always wins against the other half. I do this untill all accounts have every portrait. Then i swap the times. I bot in 4v4 to get team achivments. I do this since beginning of sc2 and made thousands of dollars by this. SC is not so popular annymore but i still make a couple hundreds with it. People can buy accounts with all portraits or give me there acc and i do all achivments. KI, Coop lvl 1000 all Campaign achivments and so on.
But good to know that u are still at it :slight_smile:
btw not 1 ban and even tho one gets banned idc i have enough XD

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Wow, I’m not even mad. You’re a honest one, I hope Activision Blizzard will do nothing about it :moneybag::moneybag:

They don’t even care to refund me my warcraft 3 reforged anyway, trash company

yup they ignored me. botting thousands of games with 20 accounts is totally fine. more like, there is no way to report other players via GM tickets so you just get a canned response


Thank you for reaching out to Customer Support.

Unfortunately we’re simply not in a position to address reports of this nature via our ticket system and must ask that players use the in-game system.

Please understand that we are supporting millions of fans, spread across half a dozen games, for World of Warcraft alone that means millions of characters, spread across thousands of zones, dungeons, battlegrounds, arenas, each of which are spread across hundreds of realms.

Taking any sort of report this way would mean a huge amount of time would be wasted alone with players incorrectly typing a players name (or from them including no name at all).

As such, we must insist such reports are done via the systems we provide in-game, these report the player directly to us, with relevent chat, game location or any other details we need based on the type of report submitted.

Kind regards,

Customer Service

why dont show what u wrote ? :slight_smile: