Fallen World: Last Stand (napster, aka. hacks)

Hello there,

does anyone know how to napster (hack) frontdoor & backdoor?
I saw 2 different guys napstering and I want to do it, too:

  1. 1st guy did a frontdoor napster:
    He used a dragoon to teleport and then walk up on to the roof of the buildings. (I know only how to do it 1/2 way. I duno know how he did the other half and the replay doesn’t show where he clicked (aka. the replay doesn’t show his mouse) . The map doesn’t allow to click and thus why to teleport in some parts of the map. I guess that i am teleporting to a wrong area as he just teleports once and then walks on the buildings.

BTW, is there a way to skip into 3h gameplay without waiting for the system to play forward the movie -_-? I cannot find anything on the web to this idiotic replay matter.

  1. 2nd guy did a backdoor napster:
    So what he did is, he changed the “Bank” files. In the first game I met him,… there he was at a level of ca. 3k+ then the next game we played straight afterwards, … he was above 6k+ level. In the older game/version you can rewrite the Bank file to your fitting. Even today you can! But this new patch/version has a tight security “signature value” & its code/ language. Meaning it takes a while to figure out/decode everything. Easiest way for this is ofc to get a copy Bank of a advance player and paste/overwrite it into your Bank. If someone would like to share,… thank you very much. I saw tutorials on YouTube how to sorta hack/napster them (copy & past banks while ingame etc.), but the progress is too troublesome/long and the levels don’t rise that much. Is there a easier way?

I would luv to do what they did, does anyone know how to do them?
Btw we were talking/chatting ingame alot (as the game is obv effing boring as hell), so that I neva came up to the idea of asking them and yes adding them as friends, too, even with the 2nd guy. This game boils your brain like being a footsoldier in the army, if all know what i mean.


I cannot post/answer to my own post…wow blizzard wow, clap, clap ,clap

I decided to join the discord channel today of that game. Here funny facts/ events that happened to me:

  1. I got trolled by those (hackers)players above, as I was told that I can find on discord scripts & info about how to create a macro(s) for ingame for AHK, autoit, pwm, etc.! Fazit, there are none!!! Guys stop searching!

  2. Comming up, I posted similar questions above (I just asked in short) on their strategy & general channel. 2min afterwards got a reply “eeeeh don’t” (in strategy channel)! Very helpful indeed.

  3. “Troll channel”:
    As I was searching their discord channel for those macros/scripts… I passed by the sections “report a troll” or “troll reports” or similar! Here for I will explain further after the side story.

-Short side story: Now I was told by by quite a few players I met the last ca. 1 month that the discord channel has many toxic players, etc. Here I thought of why? Shouldn’t actually everything be managed correctly by the admin and/or staff??? Now I know why it is so, keep on reading please! ^^

  1. Back to the “troll channel” topic:
    As I scrolled the history, after I posted my questions, I read about this player “Bepop” or so was his name…if you skip(rush read) the issues that are posted there then you will logically figure out that he is not entirely in fault. On the 2nd retry, rereading, I came to the conclusion that he is actually telling/proving and showing truth for his actions. I know, mostly he doesn’t behave ethically, but the others aren’t peace of cake, too. Now when you read carefully you will understand that the admin is a total poor f$%&er xD. He acts as a total monarch, and I mean those type of ppl who pull out the dagger behind your back to their own fitting and don’t care about you in the slightest. As I arrived right to that conclusion (thinking about it after I finished reading those posts) I get a straight kick and a ban from the discord channel (with no warnings, etc). Like wtf xDDD??? Yupp now I know who is the king of the toxic trolls. <===

  2. Summarizing: I get the kick because I asked in the forum how to hack (lol). Even thought their rules don’t state in anyway that I am not allowed to ask/state those questions! Talk about freedom of speech. And lmfao the rules state that (my interpretation) “you shall not be toxic to players” aka swear around and insult players. Guess asking those normal questions was an act of insult to/on the admin xDDD. And seriously a straight kick/ban and no communication whatsoever??? and he calls others children/kids ^^

This game doesn’t deserve a single penny of donation.

To the discord admin:
Please be smart enough to delete the evidence of other players and my written questions, so that you are standing in the light/elune as the winner xD.

Free Bank progress to hand out:

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