Forum support - How to mute account with hidden profile?

There is a non-banned troll around one of Starcraft languange forums, whose profile is hidden, so usual place where “mute” button is, is not available (after seeing person’s activity).

How can I mute such person?
I mean, hidding your profile doesn’t make you immune to being muted, does it?

Which language forums? We can take a look into the matter further. Do you have an example of the players posts (maybe a link to a forum topic)?

Hiding your profile should not make you immune to being reported/muted.

Dear Ixthocaesil,

This is player’s profile, and there are a few more of such players.

I came to WoW classic forum and my question was answered there. I was lucky to see it now, because it was just 19 hours ago.

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Click their Forum avatar and choose View Activity. Then click the icon at the top right that says NORMAL. That will give you options to leave as is (Normal) or to Mute or even Ignore.

In the event that they have their Forum Activity hidden, you can add them to your ignore list via your Activity page.

Click your Forum avatar and choose View Activity. Then click Preferences, then Users to go to the screen where you can manually add Forums Users to your Ignore or Mute List."
That solves my question.
Have a nice day.

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