Hackers! Blizzard please read this topic and do something with them already!

Hello everyone. I was just serfing the forums and couldn’t find any forum topic that was about hackers of SC2. I mean there must be few for sure, but noone of them was asking for some action. And here I come with my offer: let’s send SC2 hackers’ profiles here with replay in which they are using hacking programms and maybe some day blizzard will check this topic and will clear our community from this trash
Use this site to share replays free and easy: h ttps://drop.sc/
Don’t forget to explain which hacking programm they’r using exactly.
I start first:
Map hack:
h ttps://drop.sc/replay/13183582
P.S. remove a “space” after “h” to get a link.

lol end ur life nice Account link btw. Here are the 2 accounts
https://starcraft2.com/de-de/profile/2/2/563156 ( i guess thats ur acc ? 1 game per season to stay diamond always lose it so u end every season with 1 game 0 wins. i think u paid 25€ for boosting once and play 1 game per season to keep ur rank lmfao shit player)

his profile of the “maphacker”

332 Games 155 wins. lol end ur self XD

just watched the replay u are brain dead lol.
He first scouted with his probe on the left side if u had any proxy barracks. Then he scouted with his zealot the right side.
With his Probe he went untill the end of the map and then straight up. He wanted to do the same with his Zealot. Only because u are some fucking shit player that only can cheese doesnt mean he has a maphack.

And only for ur informations. 2 Forums that offered sc2 map hacks are down and u can only get some chinese invite only map hacks for a couple hundred dollars per month. U are just bad :slight_smile: :): ): ): :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: neck ur self

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