How do I play offline in 2023

So you used to be able to play Starcraft 2 offline against the AI and use Blizzards cheat codes as i suck at this game even against the AI.

I just want to play the maps against AI but it seems that option is now removed, I used to be able to load battlenet and continue without signing in, or go into the game and logout and then make an offline account or click a button that would let me play offline…

I can no longer find this option, Blizzards own tech support tells me to open battlenet click the cog and click sign in without logging in. Yet when I launch Starcraft 2 it wants me to log in.

So I guess Single Player is either dead or I have to do something really out of it like disable my ethernet adapter and every other connection to the internet. I don’t know if this still works.

At this point I may aswell uninstall the game and say goodbye to Activision Blizzard forever. It’s so sad because Blizzard used to be such a good company, A company that showed respect to the many fans that got them where they are. Now they spit in our faces.

If I had as much money as Bobby id sue the SSSS out of this company. I can’t even say the world because they might go all woke on me.

Id bring up the CCP but not even China likes Activision Blizzard

I owned two accounts… 2 copies of Starcraft 2 plus the expansions, 2 copies of Diablo 3 plus expansions, one copy of the butchered version of Warcraft 3 reforged - Can’t play the old version of that and I can tell they can’t wait to disable offline play on that game too. One copy of Diablo 2 remastered which I can’t believe they made as its actually good and a copy of Black Ops.

Goodbye Activision Blizzard, So sad how GREED and a man named Bobby ruined you.

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Were you able to get a workaround for this?