How to defend 1 base stalker all-in?

Hey there!

I am a new player currently in Silver 1. I am starting to get the hang of the game (my macro is decent I think, my scouting and micro are abysmal) and while trying out builds, I came across a one base stalker all-in with which I am able to hit the enemy base with 10-12 stalkers at the 5 minute mark or possibly even earlier with better macro. I was wondering how I would go about defending this if it was used against me and realized I had no idea. Against protoss, I usually do a double gateway opener before expanding and teching into Archon-Chargelot-Immortal, or going early stargate for oracle harrass then tech into Colossus and Phoenix. Both paths require tech quite early at the expense of unit production. My question is: How to make sure I do not die to the same early stalker rush? I thought about opening 2 gateway as usual, scouting, and if the opponent seems not to expand, doing a forge for cannons at the natural and producing gateway units to hold the stalkers back while securing my natural. Could this work? Or should I simply go into one base Stargate and ruin his production with oracles? Thanks!

I’ve defended it a few times. Some better times than others. But, because it is a one base all in. You HAVE to scout it early, to give your self the best chance against it. So work on scouting. Scout around 1 min mark. Then 3, you should get a good idea what they are doing. If you see this coming. Don’t expand. If they haven’t expanded. Expect a one base push. And just focus on building units. Off 3/4 gateway, try to get warp gate asap. And aim to get chargelot up grade. And if you can manage it. Get 2 or 3 immortals. If you’re nailing your probes, stop at 24 on base. Make sure you don’t supply block yourself. And you should have a small decent army of charge lots stalkers and immortal plus a 2 or 3 sentry. And pop those guardian sheilds. To have - 2 off their projectiles attack.

Scouting is realy important. I send a worker to the enemy base at the beginning of every game regardless of enemy race or my general plan of what to do. I would just take the natural base and build immortals/stalkers maybe some shield batteries also use chrono on immortals. I used to be gold1 with random but i play terran nowadays so im not sure how many immortals you can build by 5 min mark. 2-3 immortals should be enough to hold off 12 stalkers alone. If you add your stalkers as well you should be able to hold if you scout and understand what the enemy is doing. You need to check how many bases/gateways your enemy has. If you dont see anything in enemy base know something is coming as well.

Just scout and build a couple shield batteries and a void ray. problem solved

One base all ins are a major part of PvP. It’s possible to defend, and even keep a natural alive. If you see no expansion, throw down Shields and chrono immortal. If you can, squeeze out a obs in case of a dt followup. One battery is worth 300 extra Shields in the fight, allowing you to tradefairly with fewer units buying you time. the stalker all in has a narrow window of being effective. Once immortals come into play the stalker loses most of its value.

Robo and immortal is what will achieve you easy wins against any stalker push in most cases. Considering its silver league - immortals compared to blink stalkers will always win in a battle.

gateway probe scout on shorter maps.
Pylon probe scout on longer ones.
Watch out for their probe production, and gas timings and how close they are to yours.

Gas timing tells your their tech timings roughly.

I’m hoping by double gateway, you mean gateway, core, then gateway, otherwise the build stops unit and probe production unless you’re not getting gas, and you kinda need gas.

Personally, given the number of choke point maps there are, I’d sack the natural if necessary cause you’re on even economy at that point, but you split their army with FF and some zealots regardless. If you maintain your economy and ensure you have even a slight eco advantage, you will outproduce the opponent eventually.

The eco route to the attacking route is literally just about hanging on to your worker lead till they can’t kill you.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific without a replay to look at.