Key stroke wont register after A MOVE

Hard to explain and probably will be hard to believe and solve, I’ll try my best to explain.

I’m trying to improve my army control, I’m grouping different army types to control groups, I’m using around 4 control group for my army. I’ve noticed that if I press: 1 -> A MOVE 2 -> A MOVE 3 - > A MOVE 4 - > A Move, and then trying to press 3 (or any other number) -> A Move, the key stroke wont register (sometime) and therefor skips the unit selection.
I practiced on LOTV unit tester and seen it happened, So I checked the keyboard(number 3) and it seems to work flawlessly on notepad, I even changed my keyboard and the same thing happened, I thought that it might be maybe connected to a server issue (maybe latency that causing it), So I disconnected my cable and it still happened, Are you aware of it?, Anyway to resolve it? I’m using nixeus moda pro keyboard.