League placement / MMR


Hi, I changed my race to Zerg, make placement in league and played games. My current MMR is 2602 but league is bronze 1… with that it should be Gold 3/2 ?
so why bronze 1 ?I know it doesnt matter cause i play with ± same MMR opponents.
it just takes the progression feeling away for me. Or am I just stupid and don´t understand how league works? Any ideas? thanks

Edit. So now I am 2.7k and promoted to Silver 2 so i just probably don´t understand how it works

MMR and league/rank mode is totally broken. MMr it shouldn t exist at all. the fact is that there is no way you can rank up quickly as long as you get a strong team to level up. playing random mode by yourself it s just frustrating. i can suggest you to find some friends and trying to level up with them.