New season started i got 30 team of dement players in a row, which is impossible even in an another universe would be impossible. This matching or MMR or whatever is a SCUM joke by Blizzard. Players with “platinum” rank playing like blind or mental issue people, still ranked and unranked players playing together. That s is unacceptable even for a free on line game. All is meant or done on purpose to make people give up. Ok i m a noob! but it can t be i ve been playing 30/40 games just with inresponsive/ noob players. I m platinum , after losing (dozen of games) i m about to be downgraded gold 2 which is totally bullshit. it took for me to be platinum almost 2 sesons and because of this broken MMR that pick random players (even people that never click a mouse) i m going to give up this game. Congrats Blizzard!