My game's crashing (this one)

first pastebin, 24AsGpKd
second pastebin, HCFkdXSj
third pastebin, abeZCEUN
I tried using the’`
but it didn’t let me post the link.

Hi Vulcan!

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re having some crashes, I know that can be very frustrating indeed. I’d recommend you try following these steps (including the Advanced ones) to see if they help resolve it:



I already tried this

I feel your pain, gl

is there something I should be doing or do I just need to wait?
I crash anywhere, after 5ish minutes. i can idle on the home screen and will crash
if i load a game, i crash with in 30 seconds or so

Hello Vulcan,

To sort the issue you will need to try and remove completely some of the programs you have and that are known to cause crashes with Starcraft II:

  • VPN are not supported and usually do cause crashes or disconnections please remove HotSpot Shield VPN/Proxy
  • Discord has an overlay integrated that can cause crashes/performance issues. Check the loaded modules for overlay and disable it
  • Asus AI Suite Wifi Assist may cause connection issues with the game
  • If you have any third party program interfering with the games remove it
  • GameOverlayUI needs to be removed as well

Also open the Starcraft II tab in the Blizzard app, open the Options menu and click on Check for Updates to ensure your client is correctly updated.

Make a test, if the problem persists please try a Selective Startup, and test the game as soon as your PC is rebooted

I had a five things on startup I disabled,
1:wifil go, file Transfer
4:quicktime task
I doubt it was one of the last two, I of course had already done everything else you recommended however, I didn’t think about disabling everything in startup.