No auto-login at Starcraft II

Hello all :slight_smile:

Would you mind giving another shot at the auto login?

A possible fix has been applied and so far we are getting positive results, crossing fingers that will cover your specific cases as well!

There is no change unfortunately. I haven’t tried to reinstall the game but I will try and post the result. Something changed though, a small window appears and disappears before the game is launched. I believe this didn’t show before.

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I have re-installed OS + Game. Unfortunately the auto login is still not working. This is on my desktop, I will try also on my laptop (that is a more potent hardware), but I do not think it is a hardware related issue.


Thanks for all the updated COMARC, just wanted to drop by to confirm that I have passed already all the information to the relevant team :slight_smile:

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please fix this issue allready. its been around for over a month.
starting to get very anoying and irritating.


also not working for me several weeks when i try to login into my sc2 account in eu. This is a joke that i cant play a game which i bought i know it is now free to play but most of us bought it and cant play it now. Fix this finally.

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i agree, can you fix this problem or return all of my money, not gonna play on US server where i got nothing!


I do not think Blizzard will take into consideration several “old-fashon” players that play an older game.
What I hope is that the services will be affected for all the games, and some fix will incidentally repair this problem.
I tried to check for a fix of this bug on my desktop, laptop and also on a Ubuntu Desktop with Lutris, but unsuccessful. All have the same behavior:
“Connecting to Blizzard Services”, unfortunately I cannot attach links with the picture of the Starcraft 2 window.

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Hey all o/

I just got word that this issue should now be fully fixed as with the latest update. Please do give it another try and let us know if its working or not for you guys.

Thank you for your continued patience :slight_smile:

I have same problem…LOl and 9 days passed and they din’t fixed…


Hello all!

As mentioned by Jingoraitin above, this issue should be fully resolved by now.

We’ll leave this topic open for now though; in case any of you is still experiencing this problem please do not hesitate in letting us know!

The issue is not fixed for me. Still the US server is the default one and the auto-login feature is not working after log-on Battlenet client.

Hello, no one has any update for this? :upside_down_face: :thinking: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Well, tried everything from this topic. Auto login is not working anyways.

I am also having this problem, except auto login only works for America-LA, and not America-US. I hope this can be a clue to help troubleshooting.

I am on latest patch (4.12.1) and login does not work on all regions…I am stuck on “authenticating” loop - popu shows up, then it closes and asks me for password again and again. (I enter correct password, if not I am greeted by correct error message “password is incorrect”). this login loop lasts for about a week now… :frowning: had no problems on 4.12.0 before

for users on Windows Insider builds, the latest build contains this fix: “We’ve fixed an issue causing some games and applications to crash at launch or fail to install.” and that fixed the authentication issue in SC2. not sure what fix is need for those on Windows retail builds…

Getting this issue now, it was working a while ago…and i’m on Windows Insider build… Tried all fixes, just a constant loop! I doubt it’s anything to do with pfBlockNG either as the Battlenet app and Warcraft III Refrauded…i mean Reforged still work fine!

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im having this problem as well, just logged a ticket with support. very annoying !

If anyone having this issue is on Windows Insider build 20152, please switch to Dev channel and get 20175/20180, your issues will be fixed, including Halo MCC and other games that refuse to work or log in online :slight_smile: