Now that WoW classic is a sucess

WoW classic is a major sucess, more than 1 million views on twitch on release, people are playing again with long time lost mechanics, exploring parts of maps that were changed with incoming expansions, old players returning to play after they were upset with the newest expansions and simply nostalgia by playing something that was removed.
Now is time for Starcraft 2 Classic, a game mode that would have a lot of sucess. Would be simple, just bringing back WoL and HotS ladders again. There were a lot of demands for this game, with topics with high rated status, like these:

There was a considerable number of players, the ladders were active, with more than 15% of playerbase, queue times were lesser than 10 seconds in 1v1 and lesser than 3 minutes in 4v4.
The gameplay was interesting, 6 starting workers, allowing more strategies, early options and decisions, more comfortable to play. The game mechanics were interesting, who doesn’t miss Vortex and archon toilets, charging Void rays, Capital ship Tempests, 4 Gate opener, Nexus overcharge, Early Swarm hosts, PDD, HSM, long lasting Raven buildings, Zerg drops and others.
The WoL and HotS maps were amazing, the visuals were beautiful, the map design was excellent (unlike the current ones), everything was perfect. Who miss maps like: Cloud Kingdom, Akilon Wastes, Megaton, Daybreak, Habitation Station, Retribution and others.
New players will enjoy these game modes and will allow to old players that retired to return to the game and play again. Me and lots of my friends simply retired from Starcraft 2 after they removed the older ladders, we didn’t like LotV and when this game mode was the only one available we just quit, because is very different than vanilla SC2.
Please, bring back WoL and HotS ladders again, people don’t play custom games because laddering allows balanced games in skill. Even a unranked matchmaking is good for it. And isn’t that had to implement, WoL/HotS custom games works in current servers, so a matchmaking system isn’t a hard thing to implement and was a functional one two years ago.

EDIT: Bring back a way to watch old replays, could be even a converter. Is sad to lose old replays and old memories for the game. Even old LotV replays are unavailable. Is sad to know that people are downloading pirated old versions of game to watch replays :frowning:

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I agree with you on the WOL/HOTS playstyle which I found more laid back now I feel like I’m constantly in a rush playing zerg…

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When i remember my old time playing, im come back to starcraft 2. Then i shocked because there is no gameplay selection anymore. I dont want to be play LoV shit… Wings of liberty and Hots (more of WOL) better ! But you are take my dream now. I am so sad for i deleted game. There is no balance, no teaming but more shit… Sorry. Good bye starcraft…

In the Custom section when you want to create an Melee game next to the map search feature it is an box that says Legacy of the Void, you can click this to set the match to Heart of the Swarm or Wings of Liberty units and balance.