SC II won't start on new MAC

Today, i got my new Mac. I updated from a Late 2013 model and transferred all data.
Since Diablo III is running without problems, SC II won’t even start. I deleted it completely and reinstalled it (about 26GB…).
But still - it doesn’t start. Just a blink of the logo and nothing… :frowning:

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Hello Wizard!

Congrats on your shiny new computer :slight_smile:
Please perform these steps if you’re having issues getting SC2 to launch on it:

Try to accord complete permissions to to control your harddisk.
System preferences / Security and Intimacy / Intimacy /

This solution presented above it’s two months old. Wizard problem and my problem is that we have new M1 CHIP from MAC and you guys haven’t optimized yet to play SC2. IT’S TIME FOR YOU GUYS TO OPTIMIZE SC2 FOR THE NEW M1 CHIP.

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