SC2 Editor thinks I don't have HotS and LotV while their available in game

My SC2 Editor thinks I don’t own HotS and LotV. In reality, I do and they both work fine in game. This problem show up on two different PCs. So far, I have tried a new install and tried repairing my game, but neither fixed it. I’ve also contacted Blizzard support but they were useless.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Hey there DisAstro!

Considering your description it seems you may be simply not logged in properly in the Editor. Can you please try the following?

  • Open the SC2 Editor
  • Go to the File menu -> Manage Published
  • Click on the drop down menu at the top
  • Click on Login, and enter your account credentials in the popup window

After you are logged in, close the Manage Published window, and go to File -> Dependencies. Click on Add Standard, and you should be able to activate dependencies for HotS and LotV there ^^

That did the trick! Thank you Felranys :grinning: