SHAME ON BLIZZARD! Silver and Bronze in Diamond Platinum 4vs4 league!

It s time to say that blizzard MMR and matching is a scum ! Blizzard is a scum! What s the point being Platinum or Diamond or even Master and playing with BRonze! SILVER! or worst with unranked! In This way MMr is a no sense as well as the matching game. Shame on BLIZZARD!

Have you stopped to consider that maybe there are simply not enough diamond 4v4 players for efficient matchmaking ?

no one cares about team games, sc is a 1v1 game

you don t care i would say. many players play team games, Blizzard should care about that even if the game is for free. they have to remove MMR which is pointless and useless and improve the matching team. It s not my case but many master players play 4 vs 4 for instance and they have to play with silver or sometimes bronze or worst with unranked players! It s a no sense.