Starcraft II stuck installing

Hey all,

Trying to get back to SC2 to play a bit with my son but having a major issue installing the game. I can get to the SC2 install screen where it prompts for install location, auto update, I click install and the triangle just spins forever. Tried rebooting, I tried the troubleshooting steps recommended.

What’s the story here? It should not be hard to install a game like this…

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Hi, did you ever find a solution? I’m having the same issue. Other games install fine through but StarCraft II gets stuck in the way you describe.

It might help deleting files (if you have them) in the folder C:\Users\ “name” \Documents\StarCraft II

Files like Variables.txt, ExecuteInfo.txt. Or deleting the whole folder. You might want to keep files like replays, saves, screenshots and hotkeys.