Terran - I feel ya!

I used to hate seeing Terran on the loading screen vs my zerg. I used to watch ONLY Terran streams to get an idea for the builds and the timings you were using. I couldnt win. Now i find it very hard to lose!

Heres an idea. Why not let them change their infantry units to another unit. Using the low low price of a call down mule, the reaper if you want to can be converted to a marauder, marines the same, and you get the idea. I wonder if they would of held my last push if all those maruders were marines? Have them convert the same way the eggs morph.

Well anyway, i hope someone breaks the current meta soon as i used to love fearing these guys and wondering how to get the better of them, these days i know exactly what they are doing off minimal scouting and im teching a lot better for it.

Watching the top terrans this week, i think we are in need of making them a little more strong, everyone ive watched seems to be complaining, i only wish i could unersatnd the koreans as they rage at the screen when they lose in the same way all of their eu counterparts are doing.

Just thought id post, i really miss getting worried!