Tychus Co-Op medic AI

Got to say, Lt. Nikara (medic) AI there is pretty terrible. Standard medic AI works better.
It will not move when ordered, if interrupted by some process like healing or pressing W.
Can’t stick to Tychus by using Move command. It always gets behind the team.
When using A + click move command it’s not performing it. It’s will stop if healed somebody on the way. Heals someone, then stops.
So, it’s much harder to control. Can’t just use F2, Attack as I usually do. Got to watch this medic all the time.

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Control group her = problem solved.

True, noticed that issue after playing with Tychus just once, her AI is very very wonky, even worse than other units. Requires 5x micro than it should

Oh man, white knights everywhere. I leave w3refunded forums after refunding, moving on onto Starcraft 2…I check the first post ever in years…and here we have, a white knight ignoring issues, acting as a barrier between productive feedback that improves the game, and his own fanboyish obsession!

omg guys, get a life! Control group her is not problem solved, a bug fix on her WONKY AI is!

And? That’s the point of RTS games. You don’t like? Playing the wrong game then. Both of ye.

For you there’s no fix that’s gonna help you. You are too [edited] for this game. Seems you can’t even distinguish bugs from game mechanics. Pity you can’t refund this one too.

Are you serious?! For you it’s better to remain quite atm. Sometimes it’s better to let someone think you are an [edited] than to open your mouth and prove it.