Unable to access LotV epilogue

I am unable to access the SC2 LotV Epilogue, due to the message,

The epilogue is not available until the Legacy of the Void campaign is completed.

which prevents me from completing the campaign. The message is obviously false, as not only did I complete the campaign, but in addition the completion achievement for completing the campaign on brutal has been unlocked on my account.

It seems part of the game is aware of the completion, part is not.

What I tried:

  • Restarted the game
  • Loaded my last campaign save and completed the final mission (Salvation) once again
  • Logged out, logged back in

This does not appear to be a problem on my end. Please advise as to how to proceed.

Hello RuuNa,

Could you try to do the workaround that is being discussed in this link?

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thank you for the response. I was able to identify the corresponding savegame based on the link you provided.

This did indeed unlock the epilogue, the issue is therefore resolved. Appreciate your feedback.

Same problem, but link doesn’t work anymore.