Why Mengsk Suck

Well I seriously regret buying this commander. Army just drop like hell even with at least 5 healing airship and a lot of micro-management. I have played with level 800-1000 who also agreed that mengsk really suck from brutal. They lose their base on bad map and then I lose eventually as well or run out of time.

I have been noticing, Mengsk player just coasting along with other strong commander like Dehaka or Nova. He is more of the support/defend than front row fight. Call down take forever as well and bunkers are not strong as Raynor. The biggest problem is powerful units cost so much gas and mostly have to rely on army, guns upgrade and bunker.

I can manage brutal with any commander and can carry another low level player but not with him. I just can’t relax and pressing all sort of buttons. Stuko and Zeratul are so easy and everything automatic.

It looks and feels like powerful on the advert but reality is totally different. I just hate it so much and tried so many different methods, just don’t work. After getting the achievement, I just gave up playing him now. Does anyone agree? Any advice at brutal? Thanks.

Mengsk does not suck at all. Obviously you do.

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I just played with someone level 800 today and I was with Dehaka on harvest map. I have to manage everything and at the end the guy quit after losing his second base. Every Mengsk player quit half way. Only 1 or 2 stick to the end.

I don’t suck at SC2 and I have experience since SC1. I mainly played D3 and switch to SC2 this year. I only enjoy playing Coop and Campaign. What I am saying is why people just quit at brutal even for the experience players.

It is so annoying and such a waste of time. I have to manage both bases on my own after they left. Guess what I did manage it on dead of night and void lunch although it takes more time and hassle. So don’t you dare tell me that I suck. I can manage solo on both bases at brutal plus but maybe not above brutal 3.

I am just saying what I have observed with other players. I myself also find it much harder at brutal with Mengsk. Something about it just not right.

With OP commanders like Dehaka anyone can solo any mission on brutal. You don’t even need his main army especially if ai is full ground combo. Besides. Level doesn’t mean anything about player experience/skills. You can be 1000 and still suck. Like I said the commander is fine, one of the strongest. The problem is you.

Yeah, you playing him wrong.

What do you spend resources on and what map modes and types of enemy waves is it you have trouble with?
I certainly have fun with him, but I have not tried past basic Brutal.

Things ive noticed that made things easier would be deploying two of the propaganda ships above my mineral lines in order to get an continuous stream of Imperial Mandate so I can drop max power Zerg waves and Nukes constantly to save casualties.

Keeping two propaganda ships with the army to keep least one actively boosting the army.

As I acquire minerals prioritizing on providing troops with weapons, the extra firepower keeps initial casualties low so I get an high body count on the field.

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Ah, now there is some useful advice. Thank you Likkan. Carni just being negative instead of being constructive. If I am playing him wrong, then give me how to get it right then. I do agree that level mean nothing if you know what you are doing.

Anyway, I bumped into someone at 65 and 240 today and they both finished the game with Mengsk. Like Likkan said, he puts propaganda ship on every base and noticed that he used Zerg waves often at least 3-4 times and 1 nuke. Still, he let me take the front row and he just tag and follow behind me. He didn’t move unless I moved. I was intentionally stalling until last minute.

Level 240 just sit at the base and defend at dead of night. Didn’t even move at all and I did all the killing. He couldn’t manage it when my side of the barrier broke and I had to come back to defend.

However, nobody seem to use the long range cannon. I don’t even see the purpose of it. As soon as I have enough min, I just keep pressing A for army and upgrading guns with 3 upgraded healing ships and 1 propaganda ship. Eventually I will get a few BC or Marauder.

It works fine on hard but on brutal, without the strong partner like Dehaka or Zeratul, it is harder. I can tell you that I definitely cannot manage solo with Mengsk. What I am saying is I notice a lot of people also seem to struggle with him although they don’t want to admit it. I am sure that some of you probably good at playing him.

If I play other commanders, I just don’t care. Full attack and usually finish or clear the whole map (no enemy base left) within 16-23 minutes (depend on the map) if I have good team mate at brutal. With Mengsk, I have to be careful and keep an eye on everything. One wrong move in Brutal plus, I lose the whole army and then base. So exhausting.

Its an nifty structure for defense and proper classic sieging of an enemy that you can set up and tear down.

If youre on maps with massive roadblocks like the Rak’shir map you can use your Troopers (yes, they can build it despite wearing offensive kit) to build as many as you can afford, safely damage enemy fortifications (especially if you boost them to 50 range) to reduce casualties and salvage them like bunkers for its full price.

On defensive maps like Dead of Night you can build them to continuously take out enemies long before they get in range.

The only real downside in my opinion is that you cannot select them all and one by one set an target location to bombard.
You have to select one, scroll to the area you want to bombard to target an area and go back to repeat the process with a few seconds between each shot seeing as they have half a minute or so cooldown for each shot.

Though for general purpose id say that the best use is to build ~6 of them anywhere, forget that they exist and use them for Contaminated Strike to apply Confusion to enemies in controlled areas.

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