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8.1.5 PTR Development Notes - Feb. 6 (2)

This week’s update to the PTR includes some new content that we haven’t publicly tested before. Please join us in: Warlords of Draenor Timewalking Check out six memorable dungeons: • Auchindoun • Grimrail Depot • Iro…

Subscription Inactive on PTR (2)
Buff the damn feral please (1)
Request: Kul'Tiran's racials rework (5)
Highmountain Eagle mounts! :eagle: (7)
Heirloom Costs are getting out of hand (5)
Zandalari/kultiranos status (1)
No Realms Available is Fixed (3)
Please change the Zandalri dance animation (12)
Visual downgrade of kul tiran heritage armor (5)
Can't copy my char (3)
Reforge azerite traits cost (3)
PTR Error - No realms available (6)
Raid Testing Schedule - February 21st-25th (2)
Petition to blizzard change the male zandalari troll crusader strike animation (5)
Zandalari Paladins must be scrapped (16)
Is the ptr up ? (7)
Regeneratin' feedback (1)
Embrace of the Loa feedback (1)
Zandalari Female Weapons (4)
Don't ruin the mystical thing about Elune (3)
Embrace the Loa (1)
Give zandalari trolls crouching /sit animations? (5)
Copy live characters to PTR (5)
Heritage Armor preview Macros (3)
Brawler Shirts? (1)
Kul'tiran facial rigging (1)
PTR "No realms currently available" (2)
Zandalari Animations (3)
PTR Build still "No Realms Available" (4)