Game freezing every couple of seconds since 10.0.5


With the recent content patch 10.0.5 wow has become basically unplayable for me.


  • As soon as I’m in engaged in pvp, my game freezes for <1 seconds up to ~3 seconds
  • It seems to be triggered by specific enemy abilities. When facing Warriors it seems to be most severe. With other classes it is less predominant but still unplayable.

What I did/tried so far:

  • Disabling every single Add-On
  • 3 different Nvidia Drivers (from July 22, August 22 and a recent one)
  • Directx 11 (legacy), Directx 11 and Directx 12
  • Lowering Graphic to quality to the absolute minimum (everything low/disabled)

Unfortunately nothing helped.

I do own a decent PC and no other game is having any issue, so I assume my hardware is fine.

I’m wondering why some people do not have this issue and some have (e.g. Zeepeye and other pvp players are reporting exactly these kinds of problems on Twitter).

Any help would be highly appreciated.


I tried the following things:

  • disabling ingame sound (which was a suggestion somewhere else)
  • downgrading sound drivers
  • completely re-installed nvidia drivers from scratch, including uninstalling any existing nvidia-based configurations on my computer and replacing drivers with an older version based a bluepost suggestion from december 22 (to use Nvidia drivers < 526.98)

Nothing helped. Still the same issues. Please help Blizzard, I bought a 12-month subscription 2 weeks ago and would really appreciate if I were able to play the game I payed so much money for.


Yea many other Arenaplayers have this random lagg issues atm since last patch.
U need to /Reload UI at start of an Arenamatch, then its fine. Once per Character Session. try it. Works for me.

Efflux confirmed after a Few Tests that its likely a "Weakaura"Addon Issue. But Idk didnt tested it without Wa.

thank you so so much!!

This sounds a lot like an issue we have on our radar that indeed stems from the way some addons process data parsed from the combat log. Considering the root cause of the issue lies within said addons that’ll not be something we can directly fix, but these steps should help. :slight_smile:

He said he tried disabling all addons and the issue persists.


Blizzard support at it’s finest. I have the same issue, it seems to happen more specifically when i use certain spells, like death and decay. It happens in every instanced content for me.

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there is also an issued tied to this that “bugrabber” add-on captured. it has something to do with the blizz 5 man party frames loading/hiding

Its just unplayable. It keeps stuttering when i come into new zone, when i mount on, when i fly… before this patch i had -NO- issue with this game. All my drivers were perfectly up to date, internet connection beautiful, and cache wtf and interface just cool. Now i have feeling i play this game with use of calculator! And it doesnt matter if i have my addons on or off! Whether i have cache wtf and interface new or old. IT KEEPS STUTTERING! IN OPEN WORLD TOO!

There is simply no point to buy subscription and log on beacuse i cannot do the content. I cant even come to the next zone to pick herbs without troubles and freezes.
Will there be any solution? And can be have someone actually READ at first what we post here before writing us random answer from your stock?

Thank you!

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And this is all on Windows, right?

Just disabling them is not considered to be diagnostic by Blizzard because they still get loaded into memory, just not used.

Only actually uninstalling them, is considered diagnostic.

Did not help either.

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