🌷 Something WoW Related That Made You Smile Today (Part 1)

Yeah I might have to level my Evoker now :smiley: Sounds interesting!

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I can’t wait :dracthyr_uwu:

from Alysea, if not obvious :grin:


Sometimes it’s not possible to be too inventive with names … I prefer yours to mine, though :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:


Oh, I had maany ideas. I just thought this’d be fitting

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We finally got a Freehold key!!!

10.1.5 patch notes


Punyelf introduced me to animated icons on forums. I love this one:


Now I just wish for animated cat emotes… :black_cat: :cat2:


Patch notes are up and I love them.

PTR is up and I found a new main.

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I’m not very good at this whole Dragonflight thing so you will have to excuse my descriptions, but I guess you will get what I’m talking about.

Where did my adventure into Dragonflight get to last time… Thinks. OK I had ventured previously into the cavern to meet up with the blue dragon guy and Khadgar but they refused to give me any quest. What I discovered was they they also appear outside the cave and that’s where I should have gotten the quest. Duh.

So I eventually defeat that big dragon and do the next bit zapping everything from on high. So the blue dragon guy and his mates tell me we are regrouping over the other side of the map and just fly away like I’m going to follow some how. I stand there all on my own , well with my silver tabby by my side, and kinda say Hello, anybody. Where did you go ?

OK I make it to the shrine thingy place where he and this chick are having a natter. And so all I get then is direction to go meet with Alexstrasca upstairs in the big capital place. OK I really hate these dragon things so I take the flight path to the capital.

I’m getting quite excited about the next chapter. So stay with me.

She isn’t there. There is no Alex woman up on that level. I note from the map she is out of town aways. Sadly I just can’t ride those dragon thingies. I got as far as I could with my ground mount then had to try and go over this waterfall. That was so funny. I got so high then ran out of those egg thingies and got stuck on a ledge. I must have had several goes till I got to the top.

She then leaves me to fight this big dragon. I’m a Blood Elf mage with a silver tabby cat. OK me thinks… Took me a while but I did it. So next we are off again even further away into a place I’ve never been.

You really have to see me fly a dragon. Its hilarious. Anyhoo I find her up on a platform but sadly I run out of eggs before I can land and finish up in the burning waters below and die. I then have to ghost fly. I didn’t realise these things went up in the air so I’m trying to ghost’walk’ a dragon on the ground.

I finally get to Alex’thingybob and she’s standing all on her own and then basically says if I can go in the dungeon place and kill Raszageth that would be nice and then walks away. Bit like being asked to go kill the Lich King if I had a spare minute in Icecrown.

Is this woman for real. I bust my gut with laughter as my humble crappy Blood Elf and my silver tabby considered the challenge ahead. Anyway I worked out that I will be back to this challenge sometime in 2027 when I am of a sufficient level to solo the raid. I really could have benefited from some kind of heads up that this is where the campaign ends so that I could have avoided the dragon falling to the ground so much and getting drenched and then burnt to death. Poor thing.

I saw the funny side. Final shot was of me and the silver tabby silhouetted against the dark sky standing on the edge of the platform reflecting on what to do now. Back to Exile and Level 1 me thinks. Happy days.

That made me smile today.


Cleaned up to neltharion HC!

This tier is kinda easy for Heroic difficulty though

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Love this!
(And sympathies - quite a few things aren’t sign-posted quite as well as they might be in DF)
Good luck with your future endeavours :slight_smile:

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Only tried normal but yeah it did feel a bit easy up to Neltharion. Was fun though, I like it more than VotI.

My contribution: Patch 10.1.5 looks neat and it’s good that we hopefully won’t have to wait too long for it either. Really looking forward to dragonriding in the old world!

Reposted your pic since it looked broken.

Have a nice day!


Got the blue Magmammoth from 10.1 today - it’s my first Magmammoth (didnt return to retail on this fresh account until 2-3 weeks ago).

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Thank you :snail:

How strange, it works for me.

Twitter pics don’t seem to work for all for some reason.


Think i read a while back that wow took away the twitter functions they had so maybe thats why.

To stay on topic i smiled big when i realized i actually used a flightpath for no reaason today in a DF zone.

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It’s the same in HC, though neltharion kinda hurts more. This tier being mostly aboot single target encounters makes it easier IMHO.

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Classic WoW just gave me this gem:



Esrin’s image (it’s posted huge so click to get a more normal sized pic):


Warlock pet customisation is coming to the barbershop in 10.1.5 along with all races being able to become warlock. This made me smile today, as a warlock main.