🔥[H][EU][Draenor] <RX> 2/10M 10/10HC THURS/SUN 22:00-00:30 LF DPS/Heal

1/10M now 2/10 very soon.

Could use a Healer/DPS OS Resto Druid/Boomie or Hpala/Ret

looking for Heal/DPS and Ranged DPS.

still looking

Recruiting Rdps and Holy Pala for our Mythic Raid Team
Add Axel#2566
Apply @ discord.gg/QJbbyrcN

We Are Now 2/10 Mythic and Recruting Dps and Healers to keep moving forward
ADD bTag Axel#2566
Apply @discord.gg/rSZ2ayfU

still looking

Hi yall check us out at gow.gg/rx

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