😎 [H] Relics Reborn 9/10 HC CN Recruiting - Raid: Wed & Sun 8-11pm

[H] Stormscale - EU [Relics Reborn] [9/10HC Castle Nathria] M+ and Raiding Guild Recruiting exceptional players.

High Demand:

  • Vengeance DH
  • Boomkin (Balance Druid)
  • Unholy DK
  • Enhance Shaman
  • WW Monk
  • Frost/Fire Mage

Raid Nights - Wednesday & Sunday (20:00 - 23:00 Server Time)

Optional normal clear/alt runs on Thursdays/Saturdays

Hi all - [Relics Reborn] is a small group of friends who have been playing WoW collectively since Vanilla, and are currently progressing through Shadowlands.

We are 10/10N and 9/10HC in Castle Nathria and aiming to start on Mythic soon.

We are used to progressing through the highest tier of content in previous expansions and would love to recruit some new members to expand our roster.

We are currently pushing M+ keys, and help everyone to gear up and join us for raid. We have ambitions to push higher keys as a guild whenever it’s possible and get that sweet loot as much as we can.

We have discord, and can be found online playing WoW most nights. If you’re maybe pugging alone a lot at the minute, or just struggling to find people to play with then we are the guild for you!

We only ask that you have similar ambitions to us in the content we want to clear, that you are a mature, friendly and sociable person, and that you have a reasonably strong understanding of at least your main spec/class which you want to play.

If our guild sounds like somewhere you think you might fit in, please either:

  • Apply through our Guilds of WoW page (search relics reborn on the GoW page)
  • Send anyone in the guild a message in-game and you’ll be contacted by any of the officers.
  • Reply to this post

Social applications also welcome but please specify.

Our guild language is English.
Looking forward to hearing from you
All the best - Relics Reborn

Still recruiting the above. Now 6/10HC.

Update - recruitment remains ongoing. We are now 7/10 HC after a council kill this evening. Please reach out through guildsofwow or in game for a discussion about a trial :slight_smile:

Hi there.
My brother and i are looking for 2-day raiding guild
1 Unholy DK with an of spec for Blood
1 MM hunter With Shaman enhance alt
we are interested and might have a Hpala friend who might be interested as well
Please contact me at GryLutz@2775 we all have extensive mythic Raiding exp going back many years

Hi Trexie - sorry we missed you! Please feel free to re-submit an application through GuildsofWoW, or to contact an officer in game. We’d be interested in you for our comp.

9/10HC. Still looking for some dps and a healer (Ideally druid or priest).

Tank no longer required - however still recruiting strong DPS - please apply through Guildsofwow,com

Still need a few more dps players. Specifically:
Unholy DK
Balance Druid
Enhance Shaman
MM Hunter

Please apply through guildsofwow.com :slight_smile:

DPS requirement still as above :slight_smile:

In need of some DPS still! :slight_smile: