0 wars in 2s top 100


Well, our view on the whole Frost picturue is pretty mcuh the same then.

(Bragamond) #31

But self-healing is one of the biggest actual problems in PvP. I’d rather see pure dps lose self healing than add healing to arms.


I don’t see self healing as a bad thing, I do hate passive healing though. Such as Ysera’s Gift or Survival Hunter Mastery

(Whisperer) #33

There’s a certain problem with comparing class to spec.
If a class has more viable spec, then you’re free to play your class and do well.
So the situation for Frost DKs are better than for Warriors, they simply change spec for arenas.
In fact many probably did and that’s why we don’t see many of them, while Warriors are stuck being less good.

I think trait nerfs were warranted, but also that Warrior defensives are under-average.

But that also might be caused by major viable classes (DK, Rogue, Mage) having too great defensives.

(Karanze) #34

Well that’s just intentionally misleading.


war is under any class atm in arena war is worst 2s partner by my opinion
any othr class is supirior
and that need a chage give him self healing abit then war get pve healing trinkets and its anather story

(Bayramsekeri) #36

All attacks melee with 0 mobility


I wonder if players would prefer to strive for more balance in general or if they’d prefer going back to Rock Paper Scissors where each class has a strengths and weaknesses.

E.g warrior mage but the warrior could still win if they knew how to outplay the mage, well depending on skill level of the mage too ^^

I also remember rogues being handy with shiv against DK’s and warriors as it took away enrage or something?


No. Not intentionally.

The only situation that is better for Frost is being able to reroll, that’s it. As for the gameplay itself, then Frost is in a worse spot compared to both Fury and Arms.
But yes, comparing specs to classes do have it’s problems. Still doesn’t change much.

Your opinion yes. Tried enhance? Tried Marksman?
Sure, warrior isn’t very good atm due to their under average defensives, but you’re not bad either, you got decent utility and very high damage.

(Whisperer) #39

That’s true. I just think it’s less “bad” when a spec is unplayable but has another playable spec than when whole class in unplayable.

I agree, although Warrior isn’t overly great, it still has quite a lot of useful stuff for 2s, I’d not even call it bad. Sure there might be better classes (specs) but not that many and not by a lot. I’d say most of Warrior’s issues lies in 3s.


Literally all warriors need is Storm Bolt baseline, maybe if they want to spoil us give Shattering Throw back.

(Whisperer) #41

all classes have multiple “always take” talents, not just Warriors
and for all of them I see it as issue

(Karanze) #42

The 30s row is a real issue though.
On one hand, warriors have a lack of CC in their kit, so Stormbolt has to be taken. But on the other hand, their defensives/sustain is also poor, so Impending Victory could be a solution, but that’ll make you lose that CC.
Then on a third hand, there’s a solution to warrior’s mobility issues.

So it’s basically just a matter of which one is the most important, but they’re all issues that should be taken care of in some form or another.
Choosing between bandaging 2 weaknesses is okay, but 3 is a bit too much.

(Whisperer) #43

Again, every class has talent like that. For Warlock it’s Demonic Circle / Coil, for Hpal it’s honor talent Light’s Grace, for Rsham it’s Unleash Life…

(Karanze) #44


You should get that part with you if you decide to quote me.

(Whisperer) #45

again applicable to most if not every classes
warrior is in no way special in this

(Pernazian) #46

Still i dont like unholy, so it dosent matter to me that unhoyl is good im not gonna reroll, i like how frost was designed, but now its so trash that its disgusting, unholy frost has been competelty diffrent, Udk is supposed to be a rot slowly high sustained damage dealer with better controll, while Frost is high sustain mostly single target and good burst. and thats a completly diffrent playstyle and unholy has never been my way, so by saying just roll unholy is bs, i just roll another class.


Wars had retarded damage and mobility, dominating arena since TBC. If it’s true and they’re finally not at the very Top, feels good man. Suck it up like everybody else before.

(Bragamond) #48

warriors haven’t dominated arena since mop, wtf are you talking about. Not only that, but been total crap for big portion of xpacks after that and in best case okish.
Rogues otoh…

(Cutîepie) #49

Did you miss WoD at all? including Blizzcon?