1 month old bugs

My talent point button it flickering just because I did not set my talents immediately upon levelling. STOP, please!!!

Thank you everyone for all the additions.

  • Map bug: being attacked while looking at the map will cause it to blink red. It shouldn’t. Also, the screen keeps blinking when you close the map, and only stops once you kill the mob.

  • Using a wand on mage, you are able to queue the wand shots after abilities, without waiting for GCD. Can someone check this on a priest, smite or blast into a wand shot.

  • LOS bug. In vanilla you could target someone through a tree. You could pan your mouse over a bush or a tree and have your cursor turn into the sword or the little cog, and then target with a click or tab-target. In classic this is not working properly. You can not even mouse-click or alt tab to the target unless you can see it on your screen, meaning you have to pan the cam and then tab or click. If I am able to shoot through a tree, I should be able to target through it with my mouse. A good example of this is the quest Scavenging Goods in Deathknell.

  • Warrior bug; Overpower ability. Let’s say I fight 3 mobs. I pop whirlwind. 1 of them dodges. I switch to him, but accidentally tab twice and select mob 2, if I reselect the dodged mob, I can no longer overpower him, even though I have plenty of time on the proc. (apparently may have been like this in vanilla, can someone confirm?)

  • Vanish does not work as intended, keeps you in combat for too long, and acts a bit like feign death and bloodrage. From Blue post about FD: Feign Death is failing because the spell-cancel on turning is more sensitive in WoW Classic than it was in 1.12.

  • Tested vanish and bloodrage to death, I believe the solution to vanish and bloodrage is a shorter batch-window(if that is even a possible thing?) I am not heavy into the technical aspects of this. If you happen to vanish on the wrong side of a server-tick it seems it wont register immediately.

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I can confirm the warrior, out of combat and LOS bugs.

I took the Quest The Defias Brotherhood in Westfall, and then a PF to Redridge Mountains, a yellow Quest-helper arrow like the ones in Retail shows on my mini-map.
Reported in-game, but can other confirm?

Some of those aren’t even bugs. I don’t know about the non dismount on ships thing, but often people don’t realise how much changed towards the later patches in vanilla, so they remember things that were around in earlier patches and assume that it was always like that, even though it was indeed changed at some point.

I remember quest hand in noises being slightly delayed. Nighttime is bright but that’s because classic uses the retail graphics engine.

The aggro dumping on people was a thing in vanilla. Not a bug.

I don’t remember about the simultaneous respawns though. Don’t recall it.

The stuck in combat thing was definitely around in vanilla. It annoyed me a lot.

Classic shouldn’t have any quest arrows, but vanilla did have POI arrows. Maybe the POI arrow is just conveniently pointing to the same place your quest is sending you?

I don’t know if this is bugged but I know why it behaves that way in classic:

Overpower, when it procs in classic, technically generates an invisible combo point. IceHUD combo point tracker was showing it. I was confused too, but that’s how it seems you work in classic. How true it was to vanilla I don’t know. As I say this combo point is invisible on most UI. Somehow IceHUD was seeing it, until the developer disabled the CP module following my feedback.

Until TBC came out, the way combo points worked in classic, is they vanished the moment you did damage to another target from the one you built the point on. TBC later changed it so you have to actually do another CP builder on a different target to lose your CP on the first target.

Because overpower consumes a hidden combo point in classic, it can disappear when switching targets and doing even 1 point of damage - to anything - while the original target is de-selected.

That’s not a bug either. It’s a feature.

Try Interface > Combat > Do Not Flash Screen at Low Health

  • And if there’s no option for it, type into chat:

/console screenEdgeFlash 0

Nope. There was one silver POI arrow saying Lakeshire on mouse-over, and one golden questhelper arrow with the name of the quest (The Price of Shoes) showing up on mouse-over.

Did you get a screenshot so you can report it as a bug?

The map flashing red isnt a bug that working as intended, it supposed to do that to let you know your being attacked while in a different screen, you can turn it off in settings.

Also the right click whilst swimming may not be a bugg either as right clicking will move you to the targeted tangible terrain, which would be the bottom of the river or sea depending on where you click

Yes. And I have reported it.

Please show me where, because I have always played with it off and can’t find the setting in Classic. It also keeps flashing even after you close the map.

Somone already did it for me :slight_smile: yea its not limked directly to your map

I already disabled low health warnings. Those were correctly removed.

The map thing is still a problem.

I which case i will have to let you know when im online, altho that script would probs disable all red edge

Edit: i have looked into this for you and according to the playerbase that command should indeed stop the issue

Please use the chat slash command as we’re saying :stuck_out_tongue:
/console screenEdgeFlash 0

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Interesting info on Overpower.

I will quote Boogiepop regarding the map ‘’ It also keeps flashing even after you close the map’’ - that’s the problem. A console-command is not a real solution, it does not fix the actual bug, but it’s better than nothing I guess and a good tip.

The right-clicking while swimming is 100% a bug. You should stay in the surface while keeping your right mouse-button down. You should be able to freely look and pan your camera while at the surface, without diving. I am not pulling my mouse down.

I would test your Defias quest, Warecs, but my game-time ran out two days ago. I have reported hundreds of bugs, but not a single fix, not even fixes for simple visual bugs. I releveled every class for testing, only to find them all mechanically bugged in one way or another. (melee classes and specifically warrior being the least overall affected/bugged)

Edit: I might check your bug this week, Warecs.

  • Scarlet Initiates(low lvl caster humanoids in deathknell) seem to have had their damage dramatically decreased since my last ud run-through. They are hitting my lvl 5 rogue for 3-4 damage per fireball. I distinctly remember them removing a large chunk of your health in vanilla.

When I leveled my first undead characters in classic, I did not encounter this. That was several weeks ago though.

Dismount upon entering a boat was around at least until Wrath. I just found an article on the net wondering why ships are not outdoors for mounts, except for on the top pof those crates, and this corresponds to what I remember. (https:/ /www. engadget. com/2008/08/12/mounts-now-welcome-in-booty-bay/)
My memory of those other are hazy. You can be perfectly right there.

And it happened again today:

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