1% mount farms

(Vintoleth) #22

how is this done now without a 2nd person? (3rd character). i thought that they had removed the function where you make a group on lockout toon, and join with farming toon at mount boss.

and you may be right about that blackhand mount drop is a bug. i dont remember if it was you who even made that post, but there was a documented change that effected the music roll, making it not drop if you already knew it. like so many other things in the game, if they altered drop rate for music roll, might they have accidentally broke the drop rate for the mount at the same time?

true, but the rare vanilla mounts are different to basically any other mount since with the exception maybe of gladiator mounts. they are removed! and they were not reskins really, they were the first that were later copied. but i still remain in the camp that if no one is actually using them anymore, as in there is no active account with them on it, what is the point in having them as we will never see them. but i mean more so with mounts post vanilla, cause like i said vanilla rare mounts were a strange thing.

all the mounts since are left in the game on a fish hook. there is nothing “rare” about them once they are no longer current as you can still get them. the only thing “rare” about them is your luck with RNG. i dont see that as a true or worthy rarity.

if for some reason all 5M people’s luck was “good” one day on argus mount, the shackled urzul, and all 5M people got it, would that make it any less a special mount? not really. its still a unique and nice looking (if messed up!!!) mount. the “mount of the day” (current mythic) are usually spammed by people have it, and people who’ve bought it. groups of 5-10+ people all together in a city showing off the mount that it looks like they actually got it in a box of cornflakes and its common and not actually as special as it is at that moment in time.

having ‘rarity’ dictated by a few lines of code or dice rolls is not actual rarity and annoys people more i think. i would suggest that people for the most part dont complain about gladiator mounts or vanilla mounts because they are for a set time and thats it. people are more annoyed at the 1% mounts because the barrier between them and it is artificial. getting a glad rated mount is not the same as getting ashes on a 120 toon.

(Keyur) #23

These mount farm with 26 alts + classic on the way. Man we got only 24 hours a day - either reduce rng or make it 50 hours of the day.

(Tèsla) #24

302 Sethekk halls try. 0 crows
5 tempest keep and ashes of alar dropped.

(Saílor) #25

I had a crazy lockout week last year with 8 mounts dropped, including mimirons head, both zg mounts and spawn of horridon(don’t remember the other 4…). Also another time when i got both Firelands mounts in back to back runs with 2 chars!
The only thing i managed to get lately was the smoldering emberwyrm, 17 tries to get it solo with a 20% drop rate…


Random is random. A 1-2% chance for something to drop does not mean that you get it after a specific amount of kills. You can see your rare item drop several times or not a single one during a mount-farm journey, again it’s completely random.

(Alexima) #27

apparently a lot of people got jikun second or still didn’t get it.

while i got ji-kun first and had to run horridon for a while to get it afterwards. I even got a second ji-kun before horridon.

(Vintoleth) #28

another example of why RNG is just insane and needs to be reigned in accross the board. glad you finally got it though.

but is it random. THATS the question which we will never be able to have reliably answered cause blizzard likes to mislead and deceive.

  • we KNOW good luck protection is possible because bad luck protection is, and because of peoples experiences
  • we KNOW that the actual drop rate is a coded thing, its not as truly rng as a dice roll. this means it can be manipulated.
  • we KNOW that blizzard keeps breaking things when they alter coding ANYWHERE in the game. fix some murlocs in wetlands who are hitting a little too soft, and suddenly the shackled urzal from AtBT last boss no longer drops.
  • as proposed above, and we KNOW is possible in at least some situations via the Kara mythic mount, while a boss maybe listed as 1-2% drop, thats when in a raid group. doing it solo may reduce the drop chance a LOT more to a ridiculously low number. 0.0004% if i remember right.
  • we KNOW that blizzards attitude now is to keep us glued to the game as much as possible and has been for a long time.
  • we KNOW that blizzard makes hidden changes and theres basically no way to know about them because they are undocumented, and blizzard never admit to them. in fact they outright lie to defend themselves. example, the 2 fish schools IN the BfA capital cities (u’taka and Rasboralus) could be fished by any faction in 8.0. however, in 8.1 they can now only be fished if you are in enemy terriotory. ie. only alliance can fish up u’taka, and only horde can fish up rasboralus. i had several GM’s outright lie and say that no changes had been made here, but i know through much much trial and error that yes, these hidden changes have in fact been made.

either way this is a game. why should we accept “random is random”? im not saying give out everything for free, but there should be limits and a possible route for the actual chance to complete something, the best way may be being through a cumlative effect bonus. someone who has killed a boss 2K plus times and still not got a mount is not “a casual who wants everything for free while logging on for only 5 minutes”.

ever since collection tabs were made a thing, from mounts in Wotlk (i believe?) to transmog in Legion, it means that this is now an aspect of they game that should be completeable with enough work. rng however makes it impossible and that is counterproductive to the end result of actually wanting to complete an aspect of the game:

  • collect all mounts
  • collect all toys
  • collect all pets
  • collect all leather gloves
  • collect all 1H axes

whatever your goal may be, it should be possible to attain if you put the time in. but again, rng makes completion IMPOSSIBLE.


Took me 200 300 Lich king for invincible, and i got alar on 1 try without even farming it.

I got mimiron head before i got leather shoulders look alike with 25% drop chance.

random is random


I think the Mount drop % on the raid Bosses seems to be accurate enough, i have seen blackhands mount a few times, and got 1 myself after it was current content, same goes for hfc got the mount after seeing 2 others get it in a group, and i estimate i did less than 100 runs in either of the 2 raids to get them

so i doubt they are bugged, and i also doubt that chance is smaller solo, i got most of my mounts soloing ( i have actually been having this idea that maybe the chance to get a mount is higher solo, because when raid rng roll a mount, you are the only 1 to get it, its just a thought dont really believe it, but hey who knows :slight_smile: ).

My worst luck farm was the drake from last boss in dragon soul, and compared to others in here it was only 267 runs

The MoP world bosses i do occasionally, i dont like the 0.1% drop chance, but i have started to kill them a bit more with bonus roll, so double chance to get 1, still no luck there tho.


As many above Invincible eludes me still I started farming end of MoP ,
I’ve not had a raid mount drop for me probably since I got both firelands birds.
I’m yet to see an island mount drop and I randomly grabbed poundfist the other day while heading to blackrock foundry.
I’ve not seen Rukhmar in a couple of years.


He still spawn every 15 minutes, so you just dont go there anymore ?


Hes obviously dead before I get there I’m mog running WoD at the moment .

I’m not seeing him and I have the scanners there is no way after my hours wanting TLPD back in MoP and failing I’m sitting waiting.


But he have a spawnpoint and you can just camp there for max 15 min to get a kill.

(Shammoz) #35

^ This. I do it on 6 chars every week… another mount that still eludes me :slight_smile:


Since we are talkin about 1% mounts , allow me to provide you with the link-image below.

https:// imgur. com /ysfFftG

I had a vision around Legion when RNGesus appeared infront me during this guild run…

Won it vs 7 other guild mates.
Someone do the maths for the chances we had in that raid.

Edit : Forgot to mention that it was 1st run on my Hunter when i got it.

So we have 1st run + 1st Guild Run/Achievement + 1% chance = Im done


the chances to get 1 total or win 1 vs the 7 ?


Win the mount at the same time you run the raid with 7 other players.


I dont really know, but sounds like a 1% drop divided by 8 for the chance that you got the mount that did drop, but the chance for it to drop for you should still be 1%, and the same for the others chances.

thought party was 7 :slight_smile: but its 8

or have i completely misunderstood what you mean ?

if its only the chance to win vs the 7, its 12.5%


Fun fact. It’s 99% chance that you won’t get the drop.

(Shammoz) #41

The math is the same, every player in the group had a 1% chance to win it. Whether you went in with 5 or 10 or 15 players, it’s still 1% for each player :slight_smile: