1% mount farms


best part of rare drops is that they are rare,if someone has problem with then possibly should find something else to do :wink:

(Naxxos) #43

Another 20 runs tonight on Zul’gurub, still no mounts over 300 now. At least it is a daily, easy run but still

(Shammoz) #44

Well… this week my Challengers chest on my Pally and Warlock had good loot and good keys. I did the 4 x Mythics for the weekly on my holy pally last night and got the best in slot trinket for healers. So I thought right… this is my week… one more try… and on the 264th run…

Naturally, I have put some numbers on tonight’s EuroMillions lottery…

(Storozhevoi) #45

gz 10charrr


Until you realise people who play druid does mount up …

Makes me question why people play druid when they dont use the biggest luxery we have

(Punyelf) #47

I never keep track of how many attempts, it’s too depressing. I know there are addons that will do it for you.

I tend to have a farming army and I’ll target a mount or two at a time. Work my way through and eventually it has to drop!!!

(Naxxos) #48

Sha of Anger “Has to drop you say…” " Hold my beer"


Same here! No flying machine head yet.

I done over 900 runs (That count doesn’t include the runs I did there pre-2010 lol) for the undead horse mount in the plague lands. After almost 1000 runs it did drop, I was like HALELUJAH and felt like crying with joy.

It would be nice if these 1% er mount drops were increased a little, to maybe 2% or 3%.


Mount RNG is crazy, 2 weeks ago when i dinged this pala there were TW Cata event and i dropped Infinite Timereaver at the day of level 120 while many many people are farming TW for years and can’t get it :confused:

(Punyelf) #51

I was lulled into a false sense of getting mounts when Oondasta dropped his mount quite early on, I’m yet to get the Galleon, Sha or Nalak Mount :laughing:

(Naxxos) #52

I just need Sha, only started the game on Legion release. I realise how lucky I am.


I have zero horridon drop, IO have head zero of any of those drop. I ran Sethek over 100 times and got Anzu, I ran Starholme similar times and I got that mount.

Dont give up. One time you will get those. :wink:

(Aldru) #54

The farm gets tedious after a while, but it’s a thing I at least ended up just having as a weekly rhythm.
2kish runs in Strath before mount drop? check.
800+ Stonecore runs? check, yet to see it drop.
Almost 100kills alone on this hunter for Ji-kun? yup.

RnG is a cruel mistress, meanwhile a person in guild got Ji-kun to drop after what I counted as 5 kills and goes “finally lol” while I sit there in suffering™ but that is the game, I got lucky with Love Rocket first event @ max lvl in a few runs so there’s that to compenate :pensive:


i got oondasta and galleon on same day xD
few months after getting nalak randomly on my warlock(was farming book for green fire and saw nalak spawning so killed it cause i was bored)
at this point im missing only sha and recently reached 1k kills

(Lepanto) #56

Flew by on an alt and decided to kill the Arachnoid Harvester, think like the 3rd time I’ve ever killed it.

Boom, Rusty Mechanocrawler drops. I really had no idea this mount existed and I don’t plan to use it as it doesn’t fit my vision of any of my chars.

I AGREE with everyone that it’s frustrating. And I also think rarity is good. Thankfully there’s so many mounts these days you won’t really miss a particular one.


Why does no one correct this stuff? 400 runs = 53% cumulative for 1%? You know that 100 runs are already 63%? Try again!


do as i did, stop collecting mounts. u have no chanse vs big multiboxer anyways, or it will take u 15 years longer. they keep adding rare mounts unless u want something to do for the rest of ur life stop this madness or multibox with 20-40 accs.


Gz on finally getting the firehawk, also I thought I exagerated with my answer to your previous complaints about no firehawks in a high amount of runs, didn’t even feel like reading the reply back, the thing is I’m a fan of statistics and one of my ways of gold farming is running old raids thousands of times, literally, hence me having 20 alysrazor and 20 ragnaros mounts across a total of about 600 runs (might have more by now but not as many as dragon soul), made me find it unreasonable to go so long without a drop, now I don’t remember if the number you said was higher the other time than this 264, perhaps by mistake, but just cause my average was a mount every 30 runs here, doesn’t mean you can’t get really unlucky on (I assume) 2% drop mounts, just like it took me 254 runs for lifebinder which is 1%, and a friend of mine who always gives accurate stats 464 for elegon, also 1%, this already says 232 + should be possible for ragnaros, and indeed it was, so sorry about what I said the other time.

As a matter of fact I have around 15 ultraxion mounts in 1200 runs or so (across all difficulties and all chars on acc ofc) and the first took me 285 runs! If you were to go by that I’d only have 4 drops by now, instead the 2nd “only” took 120, 3rd 60 and then I got pretty regular drops, generally as soon as I don’t need a mount any more it just keeps dropping!


Since when are you ‘racing’ against multiboxes? :o

I mean the last time I checked, multi boxing doesnt do much in mount drop collecting.

(Levey) #61

Rather infamously, I got Invincible on my first actual try and al’ar on a casual attempt around the same time. It’s numbers. Sometimes they work out for you.