1 shotted by Arcane Surge?

Hello, I got 1 shotted by arcane surge, how do I stop that? I walk around and die in 1 second. Thx

skill issue i always kill the Gnome Mage before it can order an Satellite Strike on me :smiley:


we complaining about a 2-3min CD onetapping you now? just admit that it aint an issue unlike rogues high dps/CC/mobility through runes and the lackluster retpaladins/warriors in pve AND pvp.

2-3 minute CD is literally nothing. It means they basiacally have it in the backpocket for every single fight lol.

Would you rather be able to play the game for a longer period or get stunned every 20s by a long distance stun from a rogue that will proceed to rip you a new one?

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ret crying about rogues, something new.


get it right, it’s not just a ret problem. rogues have favorable matchups in 90% of the fights they pick.

how about Trinket, or Fap.

still nobody wants a rogue in a grp fight.

everyone would rather to not getting 1 shotted, like in season of memecovery

100% skill issue, just one shot the mage, before he oneshot you ! it´s just a pom mage 2.0 at this point i feel bad for everyone who is playing healer, because they are most likely the main target.

trinket BtE/KS, you’ll get blinded/gauged, then sapped, by then your FaP wears off if you manage to use it and then its gg, wasted 30silver for not even having the chance to play against rogue. you got to learn loads.

a rogue taking a dump on any healer is basically enough distraction for your team to clean up.

lmfao, most delusional post and forum user detected.

cancel sub, only language to tell blizzard they are doing wrong

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just be a pro and use the off hand to break blind, or be a dwarf and use your racial if u want to argue on a 1v1 fight

weird why noone who is fully on minmaxing meta gaming, especially in stv wants a rogue

there was a premade enjoyer 2019 vanilla gamer on this forum a while ago, i forgot his name, but even he said, they never invited a rogue for a premade teamfight

ouch some people dont understand sarcasm in 2024

dwarfs get gauged, whats the point lmfao, instead of being a forum troll, play the game.

people want good rogues, not the bad ones that can’t even figure out their easy pvp playstyle.

i dont know about that, rogue isnt even Rocket science i could say the same about mages, or good mm hunters, or good healers, or good feral fc´s

the thing is, this class dont fit in the meta, thats just how it is, except u are a talented player like perplex, but u cant expect that a average player is like that, or have to be as good as him. to be taken into a spot, while other peoples backpedal, or dont even have binds (as an extreme example) and people have to guess, if you are good or not, because theres no rating system, so people play it safe, instead of guessing.

instead of complaining about rogues, play one, u even play the biggest rogue counter class

nothing to do there, except leveling my hunt a bit, farmed full pre raid bis, raid 1 time per week, got rank 5, it feels like, that is less to do than in p1

that there exist counterplay, and with a chance u also can dodge gouge/ rogue even can miss kidneyshot, ah u also can resist it theres a 25% chance, duo to the dual wield penalty that kidney or cheap shot will miss

let´s rogue be good in 1v1 matches, when it comes to classic, it was always like this.

That’s quite a counter there for the receiving end, relying entirely on the attacker’s RNG!

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just Classic things

but peoples still forget, that classic was most likely around Fap´s engi trinket, Rng the ofhand Chicken dmg icon item “forgot the name” scholomance trinket, to keep the rogue in combat orc racial, sleeping dust dwarf racial

i dont mind if they find a solution, that u dont have to play around these items, because longterm it´s expensive, but it also would kill a bit the “classic flavour”

ahh before i forget to mention, at Zg theres a alch recipe which works like a trinket when u getting stunned.

how about the classic 1v1 tournament, a warlock won the game, do we balance around nerfing warlock, cuz he won the game?

or i also can complain about palas who play shokadin, but i dont, it´s like how classic works rock paper scissors, random bg´s are fun, and nobody really cares about open 1v1 pvp because its most likely anyway 2v1 or 5v1, open pvp was never fair, and sod wont change it.

just balance around bg´s / teamfights/ raids, and we are fine (endgame) and blizz will balance around it.

Stop walking around so much.

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Unless I am mistaken, they needx4 arcane charges to get the 1shot?
Can any mages confirm?

If they need 4 charges, that means 4 hard cast arcane blasts. Then evocate to get mana back. 8 min cd on it.
Then, before the arcane charges run out they have to use arcane surge, which costs 100% mana and had a 3 min cd.

I dont think its easy to pull off.

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thats hunter, they just 2 tap rogues if they manage to stun the rogue with pet and break the stunlock on themselves, paladins don’t do that until 60, make sure your info is not outdated, you are actually clueless on how classic nor sod works, but keep talking more nonsense.

you can tell the difference between a garbage rogue who relies on the rune utility/cc/damage and a rogue that knows when and how to use cds, too bad it always has been just pressing more buttons to win hard matchups.

dodge a gauge when you are stunned, try it, this wont work clueless. and that miss is almost nonexisting unless the rogue didn’t bother leveling weaponskill.
you can also not use any items while stunned unless it’s specified in such a manner, which is where you cannot use the chicken/skull of inpending doom/etc

okay what are you talking about? unless it’s sarcasm only 1 race can consistently resist stuns, welcome to orc, even worse orc warriors get it up to 40%. Warriors/Priests when talented get 15% stun/fear/(silence) resists. like i said, you are clueless and should actually gather knowledge about the game instead of yapping fake news and information onto the forums.

already happened, this isn’t classic anymore, only some mechanics from classic remain.

you use it, get blinded or gauged after the rogue does his second rotation of CC spam and then its gg. if you somehow pull off surviving a third round of CC spam from rogue its prep gg.

nobody cares about lock in SoD, it’s pathetic rn outside of pve content. rogue is required in both pve for kicks on alliance side more often than not and is overperforming in pvp.

not what is happening atm classes get nerfed because of

  • overtunement (which is why rogue/meleehunters should’ve been nerfed by now)
  • pvp dominance
  • pve dominance
  • bugged/glitched interactions
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Rogue can trinket the pet stun

they just 2 tap everything but i rather playing into a hunter, than playing against a shokadin (who have gear)

To play against a hunt is annoying, cuz Aspect of the Monkey, bugged flare, but idk i dont complain, meele hunters are getting nerfed anyway

ahh, u have to be a trash pala then or just no gear, shokadin hits like a truck with full gnome gear, but yeah its always other peoples who are clueless but u dont :nerd_face:

if u type “lf dps for stv event” or lf pumper dps" and some rnd rogue whisper u “inv” how do you want to know if this rogue is a hidden gem, or a meme?

yeah u are clueless at this point “nonexisting” you underestimated the dual wield penalty play a rogue, and tell me how it goes

Trinket Stun, into chicken/skull theres enough videos on you tube around how it works.

Okay the guy, who yapping fake news and random facts on the forum who doesnt even play rogue, tells other guys, that they spread fake news who are actual playing the class/game u are okay in your head or something?

i dont know, it seems like, that i play the game and u dont?

do you even know HOW often i use Sap, and the Stop auto attack macro into cheap shot, cuz my cheap shot getting resist 2 times in a row against priest player sometimes???

in OG Classic, or in 2019 there wasnt the problem do you know why? mr “i know everything and everyone else is clueless?” :nerd_face: BECAUSE THEY fixed in tbc after 2019 classic a bug, cheap shot had no chance that it could be resisted in og Vanilla/tbc Same counts for Poison there we go

Go into the stream of Mirlol GO do it, he will tell you how annoying the cheap shot resist thing really is, and HOW often it happen, when u play the game for more than 3 hours per day.

u also can miss cheap shot/kidney between the eyes cant be dodged, kidney can, but u also still can miss kidney/between the eyes, happen often enough.

eh that every premade stacking fap and other consumeables havent changed, spells and meta isnt classic, everything else still feels classic, if we dont count the custom meme raids and pvp events

this happens 24/7 to you, u walk around in the openworld and everytime a rogue use this pattern against you?

maybe we play the wrong game, i have noticed only a few tryhard rogues, everyone else is just ambush greedy idk how to describe it if they dont global someone with ambush they use vanish and run away

dont get me wrong i dont say rogue is bad lmao, but peoples like u overreact, the devilsaur mafia, or peoples who always grp up with 3-5 peoples was more of a problem than rogues in the open world LOL

still will have a raid spot at 60, and will do decent dmg in bwl phase when it comes to pvp.

this will be always a thing

some spec will be always place 1, but i think they will put more resources at the endgame (60)

r5 trinket can, r2 trinket cant, most rogues got the r2 trinket.

how’s flare bugged, it always worked as intended, shouldve played a hunter in classic.

regardless of gear, ret damage always has been RNG, more RNG than most classes that have more consistent damage than a ret relying on SoC proc and crits, shockpaladin barely exists in pvp.

you just ask in guild or your friends, because then you know you picked a good rogue, why pick random ones and cope with the fact that most rogues are braindead and get rewarded with their brainafk gameplay.

noone uses KS LMFAO.

if you allow that minor gap to happen as rogue you clearly got played.

too bad you are wrong with your yapping, i play more rogue as a gathering alt than actual mains.

good job attempting to CS orcs.

good riddance, rogues braindead and should’ve been nerfed into the ground, too bad rogues try to complain about other classes being op and get away with literally anything like the rats they are.

it’s not an overreaction when the matchups are mostly favorable for the rogue, the only good counter is hunter with a pet that has the stun, but also an easy counter with blind and gauge.

odds are too low for that to be a noticable factor.