1 shotted by Arcane Surge?

Instant cast spell for 30y range that can deal 2400 damage (seen a guy get hit by 2400 on YouTube)

This is gold, 100% agree. I get destroyed by melee hunters in seconds.

Boy in last bg with max weapon skill:

  • cheapshot parry,
  • gauge dodge
  • kidney shot parry
  • between eyes miss
  • ambush with pvp talents from “god rogue” hits for 200 into priest, while I have almost full pre-bis + bis weapons.
  • mutilate crits into players with 150-200 / weapon = 350-400 damage, depletes energy in 1-2 strikes depending on previous abilities used.

meanwhile mage giving me arcane surge for 1200+ and druid starfire for another 1k+

Meanwhile BG stats:

  • priest 21/5
  • hunter: 20/2
  • Warrior: 16/10
  • mage
  • other classes
  • rogues
  • shamans

pull your head out of you bottom and play a rogue, you will see how it is.

Except few highly skilled rogues that play it for YEARS every day, there is no way that they are good in PvP.

I forgot to mention, how every class spams DotS and AoEs on everyone, making vanish impossible to use, even if you use it, you get revealed by som stupid hunter pet or warrior shout/druid roar.

cant be parried
while kidney can be only dodged, cheap can only miss

I would prefer not to get one shot by instant cast abilities.

Wtf are we even discussing here?

Any instant cast one shot with 0 counterplay is complete utter trash


idk i got r5 and i only played for 1 day ab bg´s

was in vanilla the same, does it mean it´s not bugged? the range is just more than it should be, we can count is as an “feature” same for, that cheap shot wasnt be able to resist in og vanilla (except from orcs)

as an 1v1 spec it´s not bad with the current gnome gear, friend of mine is pumping 830 holy shocks, he says it feels better than the current ret

couldnt enter living flame cuz it was locked, and leveld a char on a different server, and they aint leveling and farming the gear again, i mean yeah theres a few friends, but they are not always online, and it still dont change the fact, that other classes have it waaaay esier to get into rnd grps, by just beeing the class

Ks? what does this mean?

even Happen to Good players on the Vids, because of fast reaction time, thats how counterplay works? it does even exist people who shadowmeld/vanish coil crazy or isnt it?

“i do pet battles as a mage, and farming ores with him, i know so many about this class, because i farm with him ores and do pet battle”

PRIEST cant be orcs.

ur a so braindead, that u cant even read what i am saying, funfact i dont even complain about other classes, i even deffend meele hunters :joy: :joy:

no it´s not, maybe if he is bm, and he marks u from 10 yards away and use the flare properly, or if u do a planed duel, and he use flare on himself and stay in his own frosttrap, otherwise naaa u just rush them down as an rogue

rogue is a 1v1 god, always been like that, if u cant beat them join them, i dont care what is op and what is not, i play what is fun, and if u dont have fun because u getting “gatekeept by rogues” just quit the game.

I have read all the replies, but none of them tell me how to not get 1 shot by arcane surge. thx

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Skill issues, go nerf Hunter.

Only 1v1, outside of those situations they suck hard

For STV not wanting rogues / feral: in my experience it has more to do with the fact that they more often than not leech blood in stealth and put the rest of the team at a huge disadvantage because you get focus target by 5man teams.
And the meta is so bursty that you keep dying while you see your rogue walking slowly in stealth to open, and when they can open they don’t because the rest of the team is already dead.

Probably got unlucky, but i would rather farm solo mobs in a remote place than join a group with stealthies.


Anything above 1v2 and they will be food, they can easily take on 2 players with their CC spam, damage and mobility.

If @Faveyo had a brain and not his tinhead and lack of brain, they would actually understand that rogues are way too good in PvP, but hey we support whatever BS rogue does in PvP as of now and think it’s balanced when it is clearly not. This is not a skill issue if you cannot even respond to a rogues reponse to your trinket whatsoever.

Only way to stop that is to nerf hunters a little more…im sure that will help since its been the solution from get go to all problemes with class balance.

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Got 2 many expirience on rogue/mage/priest to understand that people who crying about OP rogues are just bad

fact is, you dont need to be good as of now to play rogue. you could be utter garbage and still kill anyone 4-5 levels above you just due to overbuffing mutilate and not changing other rune abilities at all.

This wave guy is ret and crying about rogues on every forum. Full bis from gnome blue parses. Dont listen to him clueless. Point is rogue is supposed to kill most 1on1 with cd and prep.

Outside of that rogues got nothing going for em. Most outdated toolkit out there. Just wait when we Get cloak, that will make you cry. When 20220020203 dots just fall off and we can reopen anytime we want

You and the rogue hate omg. Dude go get some stam gear.

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You’re wrong about this completely

It’s a shame you’re on living flame cos all this hate towards rogues makes me want to spend my time when I play wow just camping you. Be more fun that getting deleted every time I step out of stealth in the STV event lol

Crotch Laser.

Listening to you is like listening to a troll, parses do not matter lmfao, especially when it comes to PvP. But hey you are so insecure about your class being the biggest punching bag in PvP, when in truth the biggest punching bag are any nonstealth entities that a rogue can open up on and delete.

Only goes so far, even then blind/gauge to reset fight and then you are again in a CS>Mutilate combo, gz you only delayed your death, that is if you are a nonpally.

Whatever keeps you above the water :rofl:

Every melee experience in a nutshell, STV is just bad in it’s entirety, mages run down mid like tyler1 in League and gain coins from spamming altar with AOE.

Skill issue not my problem

That’s exactly what happens when I read your posts

except you, because u suck on it.

happens so often, sod players getting gatekeept by rogues, funfact is, that you are close to be the only one, who is complaining so much about rogues

Stop talking about how to play a rogue, or do a opener, u dont even know that mutilate was 60 energy in p1

Ganked him already, this guy is backpedaling

He said he is playing rogue by himself, saying “mutilate cost 40 energy in p1” he doesnt even know how this class works :joy: :joy:

he rolled Pala + DWARF and still crying about rogue XDDD

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