1 year bug (Darkshores)!

Tol’Dagor is bugged since Beta and it will never be fixed. Don’t count on the developer anymore.


There is a another bug on Darkshores:
On Darkshores there is a quest line, starting with “A New Hope” quest. This quest opens a cutscene, where Tyrande celebrates a victory.
Currently this quest cannot be obtained by players. But according to WoWhead reports, some players did received this quest.

-so its another bug. Too much bugs on Darkshores…

Interesting that according to the Blizzard words, Darkshores is a place where Night Elves get their revenge, for all the bad things that happened to them in BfA.
And in the same time Darkshores have so many UGLY bugs on PROD, which Blizzard do not want to fix for so long…

Why? Maybe those rumors that Blizzard are Night Elves haters are right? :roll_eyes:

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You’ll wait a long time on them fixing bugs from a while back. Unless it affects current content, (and even then it needs to be within a week) they will hope it magically cures itself or some player chopshops a hotfix for themselves, puts it on the internet where it may work for 10 people and Blizzard just says ok thats that bug sorted.

Yes I am still very bitter over the Diablo3 amd graphics card issue.

Man i’ve been experiencing a bug which makes my enchants value randomly changes ( when i relog tbh) , already wasted tons of enchanting mats from this and reporting this since 8.3 launch. Didn’t even get a return. Always happens on ring enchants.

Just popping in here with a question, are you guys reporting these bugs using the ingame report function? If not, make sure to do so next time you login.

Sometimes bugs are easy fixes, sometimes what may seem easy turns out to be harder. The ultimate goal is always to fix the bug without breaking anything else but of course some bugs will take priority over others.

So make sure to report those bugs using the ingame tool and ask others that run into the issues to do the same.

Oh and I realise this response does not promise any fixes but I really wanted to highlight about how to report a bug to the developers.


You might not the have the answer but i am wondering why the EU forum doesn’t have a section for reporting bugs. Sometimes, what someone considers a bug it might actually be working as intended. Other times, there might be a workaround that someone discovered, it is always helpful to discuss it with others.
I understand that game development is done in US but there is a significant amount of players in EU as well, i think it would be really good if we were to have a bug reporting section in forums.


I don’t have the answer im afraid on your question. I do agree that sometimes bug’s can be misinterpretations however it’s always best to get things looked into just incase. The ones the OP mentioned here are not something I personally have run into during the Warfront’s but they do sound to be very much not working as intended so worth reporting.

Just to clarify though, the developers take reports from all the regions when it comes to bugs so even though they are in the US, they still get reports from other regional clients and forums, even if there is no dedicated section. :slight_smile:

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Blue low-key confirming no developer reads this forum. And worse, no information posted here will be relayed to a developer.

I kinda knew, but it still stings.


I can also add that information in this thread has been noted.


do you also know if it’s intended that the “A new hope” hasn’t been made available to players as призраклеса mentioned?

People thought it would become available when the Alliance controls the warfront, but it’s not. Did plans change or is it a bug?

Not gonna happen mate. They’ll rather spend resources fixing skips in Everbloom, that gets played once every three months or how often the weekly rotation takes, than as much as pay attention to glaring issues on live (or soon to be live) content. How else would you explain 50% ‘tuning’ changes on corrupted items with 3 months on ptr

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I have reported numerous bugs using in game feature and they are still there.

For example I have reported couple of times, since beta so almost 2 years ago, that pets bugs out on last tentacle, last boss in siege of boralus.

It was pretty groundbreaking bug for pet classes BM/Demo since pets refused to attack gripping tentacle on last platform.

And It has been fixed 2 years after initial report. I am pretty sure those bug reports are being ignored or shuffled so hard after everything else. So I am not sure if it works or not. I don’t even know if anyone reads those reports.

I have reported similar bug on [Carapace of N’Zoth] raid boss (pets are bugging out, refusing to attack boss). And I am 90% sure it won’t get fixed. And it’s really annoying to resummon pets during raid boss fight.

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I’ve been reporting that Warbreaker does not hit Aqu’siir after he casts Surging rush from the start of the expansion, still not fixed T.T

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it doesnt matter. i reported so many bugs over the years and some of them are still in the game. so i stopped doing it. its a waste of time.


Ok, that’s somewhat uplifting. :slight_smile:

A bug discussion forum for us as well would be a good thing.

I do wonder what else the US take reports from… Since you used the word “take” I suppose they don’t recieve any reports from us in EU, unless it’s some matter they decided worthy of getting our feedback.

(hope this is understandable English)

Blizzard never read in game bug reports. Blizzard rarely if ever fix bugs unless they personally stumble upon a bug themselves. This has been the Blizzard way for years now.

I remember in Wrath I sent a bug report for something and a GM sent a message thanking me and telling me they’re working on a fix. A hotfix fixed the bug less than 2 weeks later. Can’t remember the specific bug but it wasn’t major but they still had a good attitude towards fixing them.

Now there are game breaking bugs especially in older zones and they just don’t care and never want to hear it. No wonder they can’t keep new players when they have to slog through dozens of bugs.

lol good one


Can’t report anything ingame. Not only is that screen slow and often doesn’t load at all, every single section in it seems to be broken.

And don’t ask me how to send in a ticket through that screen… I just go to bnet in the browser and add to an old ticket because there’s NO WAY to get to “sending a ticket” without being misdirected into any other dead end.

Your service is nonexistent, and it’s extremely off putting.

I just wanted to rise this. Because today Alliance on EU again gain control on Darkshores, and quest still not available.

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