+10% Damage Enha but

Hi, I have noticed we get a 10% buff but, I don’t know Why, I decided to take Screenshots before the Phase 2 of DF, and I have noticed about this on all my attacks (not only Stormstrike)

Before Phase 2 DF Start (NO 10% BUFF)

After Phase 2 DF (With the 10% BUFF)

Both Screenshots are in same conditions, how it is possible with 10% buff all my attacks are doing less damage? Same with Doomwinds, Sundering, Flame shock… etc

Is only me?

I haven’t tested yet, but your haste is also different in the two pictures.

Check wowhead

I also noticed a decrease in damage, there are screenshots (in some things, with the same talents) up to -25% nerf and after the new patch, the damage became even less :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I hope this is a mistake of the developers, and not an error in the description. Maybe they disabled the covenant buff?

I have read something about the PvP Item level is decrease, I have like 3k less hp, maybe they decrease the stats for the scale but I’m not sure tbh

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Haste has nothing to do with the damage of the ability, this is not an ability that scales in damage with more haste like rupture, or s priest dots etc…

Haste only decreases the cd of the ability.

mostly if you have less haste, it is because you wear something with less ilvl which then reduces your dmg.
That is why people mentioned that he had less haste on picture 2.

often tooltips are also not updated, but that is usually only the case if they change the ability itself i guess.

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They decreased stats increase from gear…
EX: Before the patch a Legendary ring ilvl 291 gave +180 to both stats, now it gives +159.

Ah ok ok, I was afraid haha

[With weekly restarts] All damage dealt increased by 5%.

I sim over 15k dmg with crapshiet gear. Think it’s ok.

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