10.0 talent feedback

So runic corruption/runic empowerment either needs to be right at the top, swapped eith grip of the dead, or put into baseline.
Its a core skill so much so that specs won’t work without it. The entire class needs those resets to get runes and are often starved as it is even with it.

Where it is now is so damaging to the tree for unholy.

The rest of the tree so far looks good, but that skill is terribly placed.

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i have opinion only for bdk i havent played frost and unholy since 8.3. Bdk tree seems good i just wish they balance things properly and the bottom builds are all optimal. I say this because basically we have our current tier set without the strength buff which remains op and i fear that shattering bones and bonestorm or purgatory or red thirst etc are going to be trash

you will get 1 of these regardless because you cannot advance lower unless u spend 20 points up, and at this point we are already filling extra to get to those 20 points so yeah, it doesnt matter if it was in the first row, you will get them regardless of chosing blood/frost/unh

you will go full down the “frost” side even for unholy because ERW is so much good for unholy

Tbh theres alot of abilities in the talents which are detrimental for the specc to work.

Rime being a baseline passive is now in the talents.

Obliterate which has been a baseline ability is now in talents.

Howling blast is another.

As far as i can tell is classes no longer have baseline abilities or passives and everything is a litteral choice via the talent system now.

They have basically just put current builds into talent trees and said its new, while this is actually a net gain. Its ofcourse not going to be that exciting.

Everything about what we have seen so far is basically blizzard playing it safe. Its not gonna be super exciting, but its a reverse on what was critised.

I was hoping to see the baseline class not reduced further and see new talents, however i can also see why blizzard wouldnt wanna just double skill bars and more doing this. They dont wanna hust launch everything in and see the game fall off due to other reasons.

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