11/12M Resto Shaman LF raid guild

Hello there,

I am currently searching for a raid guild that are pushing for CE before the end of the expansion and share the same mindset for a focused yet enjoyable raid experience. I have over 200 pulls on N’zoth and adapt very quickly to new boss mechanics and can commit 100% attendance until the boss is dead.

I’m 30 years old from the UK and have been playing WoW since vanilla with my main goal always high end raiding. I enjoy running M+ keys , doing boosts and chatting in discord. If any of this interests you please check my armoury page achievements and see if I am a good fit for your guild (can always jump on discord for a chat).

Aside from all this I am in the process of gearing up a rogue with the intentions to main it once the gear is sufficient and proceed with it into shadowlands so happy to play either character when needed. I currently have all the echoes to buy 8x expedient when the vendor returns and would push to be competitive in all raids.

I also have a fire mage friend that would be interested in a potential transfer with me if we find a suitable guild to join together.

Feel free to add either to discuss :slight_smile:

Mistytotems#9475 (discord)