154k lighting bolt,180k ele blast

enhancement shaman dmg in skirmish , feels like gonna take awhile for blizzard to fix all this random 1 shots or specs. Hopefully more fixes some classes r overtuned on some abilities

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They are busy nerfing dk


Except if you read patch notes for tomorrow and whine less, youll see they are killing both the high nukes and the high self-heals.

take like 20k dmg off 180kcrit , and i said other specs not just shaman

So 180% dmg increase instead of 250% will be 10% less damage on those nukes? Nice math :smiley:

Im pretty sure enhance is going to get even more nerfs because of overflowing maelstrom

i did no maths i just estimated, its still gonna hit hard even with nerf. why do people like to flame people on forums just look like children

I think a more important question is why people go and whine on forums about things they have no idea about.

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