1730 RIO, 1/9M & 9/9 HC Hunter LFG



I am currently looking for a guild to progress Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor on Alliance or Horde, who also likes to play Mythic + I have been playing WoW for 10+ years and in this time I have achieved various accomplishments such as:

My character name is Elakobi - Silvermoon

  • Worlds 1st Challenge Mode times with Method
  • Rank 1 Hunter in Blackout in Season 8 (2v2 bracket)
  • Lich King Heroic - World 593
  • Sinestra World 706
  • Ragnaros World 550
  • Deathwing World 254

Due to my current guild having the Raid Leader quit the game, we are unsure on the future of the guild. Ideally I would like the prospective guild to be 3/9 Mythic or higher.

In Battle of Dazar’alor i’m currently 1/9M & 9/9 Heroic.

My raiding days/times:

Monday - 18:45 - 02:00
Tuesday - Unavailable
Wednesday - 18:45 - 02:00
Thursday 18:45 - 02:00 (3 out of 4 raids in a month)
Friday - Unavailable
Saturday - Unavailable
Sunday - Unavailable

I ideally would like to raid 2 days a week on Monday & Wednesday.

Alternatively I could raid 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. However, I would miss the 1st Thursday of each month due to work commitments.

If you have a guild that would meet this criteria I would love to hear back from you.

My battletag is Midge#2974