1.7m sniper shots

I was checking details and noticed somebody has been on the received end of a 1.7m sniper shot in blitz, done by a hunter with no buffs

but don’t worry, we are discussing that internally

Had you any orbs or flag stacks?

Even if that was the case, 1.7m seems a bit too high though.

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Proof please.

once I crop damage screenshots, auras screenshots, obscure names, upload it somewhere that it’s not this forum, half censor the final url, are you gonna fix it?

because if no just enter a bg to see it for yourself

I call bs then.

That damage seems very strange to me. I often find bgs plagued by MM hunters and they have never hit me that much.

1.7m is possible when its the bg with the orbs and the orb carrier is alive for long enough.

Or maybe he cast 2 snipers and you misread it.

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Ur a god shaman in bgs no wonder



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Whoever believes this, whisper me please, i have a planet for sale.

You must be atheist :joy:

Well I actually am :stuck_out_tongue:

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That shot is very high, I have seen 800K and 1M shots but not that much.

No need for proof, hunters are OP at the moment. It’s not a courtroom!

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