19 hour almost to classic

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I really hope they try their best to deliver the original experience of the game.

Time will take care of the rest.


I want to express to the OP what a clown he is. Promoting an outdated, PoS garbo game as the end of retail. LOL.


12 hours boys and we are there!!!

its not outdated its in the future and improved by layering!


LFR is too hard for the op, so he’s moving to easier difficulty - Classic.


I believe everyone would agree that layering is bad as they would say not my classic lul.


I love this guy. No ho mo. All of his forum posts are spot on.

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dont say that to your wife/husband xD

i think peoples faith in classic is misplaced. it will be nice to play the game again as it was (which you currently cant do) but i dont think it will be as popular as some are trying to say. i think people are just looking forward to Classic because BfA is so bad. ok, some people like BfA, but the amount of complaints about nearly every aspect of the game is just insane. and its not even just people complaining, cause people complain. there are many many genuine bad decisions/implementations/bugs in the game which should have NEVER reached live. but yet they did. this coupled with a direction that a lot of people just dont seem to like. so because of this, players are trying to find solace somewhere, and are putting all their hopes in classic.

i personally am going to like talent trees again, although i dont know if i will reach anywhere near 60 to get all 51. but talent trees were just a nice bit of RPG which BfA and the past couple expansions have just lost.

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We are dating since 2015 and we splitted thrice :smiley:

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sounds like some sort of weird anniversary present!! :smiley:


Pretty generous I’d say, she’s giving him a free pass once a year!

Keep her.


Will try to learn more about that but for the time being i have some unverified news for ya :

Top 3 worldwide for Steam would mean between 350k and 600k concurrent players.

As Grainne said, if people play 1h per day and you have let’s say 400k concurrent players average it means you have almost 9M subs.

That’s pure speculation and the source isn’t even verified (yet, haven’t seen the stream myself for now gonna take a loot tonight) but if proven true then BFA would be in a far better state than anyone could’ve expected.

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  1. first off, i think most people here play more than 1 hour a day. most of a LOT more than that, at least on some days. like you can only play a little on weekdays, but on weekends you’re on all day. just take asmongold. not your typical player true, but still, look at the amount of time he plays.
  2. if this is 70% china, then again, it doesnt help us (EU).

so no, i personally dont think we have anything like 9M subs, in EU or worldwide.


That’s just one way to look at that value. Tbh i dunno where to draw the line as some older folks may just play the week end or once every few days, and players who spend 10+h per day are really small minority.

Once again it’s a post from Grainne, haven’t checked it yet myself


You described me pretty well I would play it onec every few days because I am an adult now and I don’t have that much time anymore for both but I will play it actively as much as I can because I wanna do molten core one day so bad :grin:.But somehow today’s generation sadly I am having a difficult time to imagine nowadays that someone has that kind of time or the same patience to play for 10+ hours.

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yeah!! finally some time to rest, eating junk food and run some raid :DD

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Problem with Retail isn’t that it’s old.
It’s a lazy, full of loose ends, storytelling, disregard of RPG part of a game in favour of steamlined e-spotesque (including ability pruning, class being basically copy-paste with different visual effects and still failling at balance), predatory hook to keep people playing and time-gating content we’re paying a timed sub for.

The more I think of retail the more it sounds like madness.

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Then why make this thread? If your hatred for BFA compels you to make yet another thread on the BFA section no doubt denigrating a version of the game that, while flawed, is still preferred by many players and hoping for it to “end”, then I think you need to reevaluate your priorities.

Go play Classic. Have fun. You’ll likely meet like-minded people there. I’m sure Retail can learn some lessons from Classic too in some ways. But be happy that there are now two versions of WoW that can be enjoyed by players with different tastes or, in some cases, different moods. Hoping for one to end in favor of another is counter-productive and is a clear bait to those who do still want to play Retail, especially given the current climate of the forums right now.

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Hear hear well said.

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