1.9k cr survival hunter lf 2s/3s mates


I’m looking for some team mates to play this game before the season ends. Just came back and want to push for 2.1. Got 1950 cr in 2s at the moment. No cr in 3s. Both down for 2s and 3s though. Mainly looking for an hpal/disc for 2s with similiar cr and decent gear. Haven’t played double dps 2s in years, but survival/sub or survival/feral sounds really fun too. Would love to give that a try as well, same for 3s (thug/jungle).
Bring a mature and improvement orientated mindset, still wanna have fun with the game though :slight_smile: (as far as it’s possible with the state of the game)

Feel free to add me: TimKnopf#21370