20.000 queue, get in after 6 hrs, disconnected in 5 minutes

Atleast I reached lvl 9 and got to see ol’ Orgrimmar! Now back with my a*s to being nr 19k in queue :slight_smile: This ish is pathetic, i dont care who says its “Crying” when you literally pay them to make systems like layering, yet you see NO sign of it.

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I wanna cry so bad…

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Yeah, they should at least give us some menu mini games so we can enjoy that queue time.


Playing skirrbl with guildies while we wait. We’re actually having a blast!

Forgetaboutit. I had a 9k queue and been waiting for (soon to be) 3 hours. Still in queue.

Going to the back of the queue is a known issue and is what we will be resolving with the upcoming restarts: Notice: Realm Restarts 28 August 3:00 a.m. CEST


Fix the, ‘‘not enough realms’’ issue aswell! :slight_smile:


So what, are we going to deal with queues for the foreseeable future?


This is called “Kicking the can down the road”

They’ve said they’re going to turn it off and on again at 3am CEST which lets them kick back and ignore the sheepstorm until tomorrow.


is this all you will be resolving?

And what about the rest of us mortals who haven’t been in game yet because of the queues?

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So you finally enabling the ‘‘skip que’’ option after random DC? Must feel nice…

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wow mate ur 20. must have been lucky with those disconnects :))

Cheers! queue is fine, its expected… y’all even warned about it… but the dc slap back to queue is a real pain in the behind… thanks for fixin’ it quick!


At this point finite spawns would be the lesser of the evils when compared to the ques.

Adding more realms wont do anything, Blizzard had to “FEW” realms at launch. You cant move entire guilds to a new realm, people are allready commited. Blizzard has to add new servers that only takes servers transfers, My guild had enough with the ques on firemaw, but we wont switch because people have allready invested a lot of time on it allready.

Only solution: free server transfers from extremely high pop servers.


Also lack of spanish servers is beyond me.

Why doesn’t the announcement say this is what it’s for?

You would get rid of so much community rage if you explained these things in advance. “Help is coming” is such a powerful message :slight_smile:


Not to be rude but that isn’t the issue that needs resolving right now. The queues shouldn’t be an issue to begin with.

Gotta say, being in que for 5 hours after work and still not on (9976 players ahead of me atm was 20k when my wife logged me in while I was still at work) and now I gotta go to bed again for work tomorrow, guess that’s it.