200 honor for winning AV? What is going on

I never said it was working as intended pre-nerf, so I agree with you there. But it is not working as original pre-patch now either.

So many players are asking to revert the “nerf” but it wasn’t a nerf. It was a bug fix.

I agree they should make everything accurate especially honor/kill.
But giving 10x more honor for no reason ? Nope.

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Godzilla had a stroke reading this and died.

Who cares about 10x?? People just want to be able to get some pieces before TBC release and have fun in pre-patch -.-

Currently it would take around 136 wins in AV for a 2h! note:WINS

38250honor / 280honor per game = 136.607 wins

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They are and i’m trying too right now.

I dont care if Nerf, bug, whatever.
I want yesterday honor rate!!

I just want the game to be as accurate as possible. Nerf/buff i don’t mind as long as it is accurate and not like some pservers rate were you get x10 honor points.

Worst part is, this number is super optimisitc. Most Avs have 20 mins queues, min, and 10 min games. Which is just 2 AVs per hour (give or take).

That’s 400 hour per hour = 96 hours of nonstop AV queuing… in 12 days.

They are picking and choosing accuracy left and right, though. The duration of the pre-patch? Everything related to Season 1? Tier 5 release time? Blood Elves / Draenei release time?

It’s not accurate at all, so far. Why are they so butthurt about keeping the honor gain accurate (And its not even accurate, its way too low), when the pre-patch is so short?
Its virtually impossible to grind the same amount of honor in this pre-patch, compared to the 2006 pre-patch.


What about the duration of the pre-patch?
I dont see you claiming for this.


Personnal opinion/taste here.

I want TBC as soon as possible. I’m ready. But i understand that some players aren’t and i’m not the one fixing the date. Blizzard is.

thats not blizzards fault

My point was that its not only that we need to get 160 AV wins to trade a weapon, we also need to wait in queue for several hours per day.

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