200k lava burst

Just had an arena partner deleted by this before we could react:


Is this achieved via some sort of cheese build we just did not notice?

The other team consisted of:
Disc priest
Frost mage
Ele shaman

Meatballs were fresh and hot it seems

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Can you tell us if hes using Volcanic Surge + plays full crit build or something?
Talent tree/gear kinda says if hes going for a cheese build or not =p

its called the big boooorst build

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The obvious sign is the 150k average LvB hit. It can’t hit that high without Volcanic Surge/heavy amount of crit.

It is the Volcanic Surge talent which increases LvB damage by 45%, he was probably stacking crit for bonus damage during Ascendance, and also got lucky with mastery proc.

It a cheese build yes, but it is probably the most telegraphed burst in a long time. To achieve it, he needs to stack crit (losing all haste), take VS (losing all instant damage) and fully commit to try and cheese you every 2 minutes, doing nothing in between.

The inc signs for burst are obvious: Skyfury totem, Priomordial wave and usually, they use Spiritwalkers grace talent to silence and kick immunity.

And no instant Lava Bursts at the begining. It’s also worth looking at his cast time. If it’s longer than usual there you go - just go on Ele and tunnel him then gather points and go next.

2 casts, 900K total damage


Yes, it is a cheese build.

Basically it’s the Ele version of being an actual caster, where he has to hard cast Lava bursts but those do a lot more damage. Combined with On-use Ascendance, which instantly shoots Lava bursts (3 min cd) and Skyfury totem, it’s basically a guaranteed oneshot if you leave the Ele Shaman to be free for a few seconds.

Was also the victim of this when farming Glad wins, Ele/Boomy teams abusing this via the Moonkin pushing up like an idiot to bait enemy team into hitting him, and Moonkin is the better kill target in general because you have to stop annoying cyclones. Well, my healer got killed 100-0 in 0.5s in a Root Beam twice, because we laid our eyes off the Ele Shaman for a moment.

The same cheese build also applies with Stormkeeper + Casted Lightning bolt modifier build. The concept is that your Lightning Bolts / Lava bursts hit way harder when casted and have modifiers, but you can farm those modifiers and then use Ascendance or Stormkeeper to actually send those modified spells instantly up somebody’s health bar.

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If you want to fish for all the cheese builds - check this guy. He was the guy who started Lava Bursts one shot and now he plays the other one.

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Nah, cheese builds are no fun for me, I’ll stick with resto and enh spec :smiley:

I main Ele and I don’t play them either. I just want to know what to care for.

I find these cheese builds toxic. Legit builds are also way more effective imo.

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