215 ilvl UHDK 10/10HC 2/10 Mythic LFGuild

Hey there, iam currently looking for a guild that is ready to push to the limits and progress towards 10/10 Mythic

I main 215 Unholy DK

I definitely have the experience and dedication plus the right mindset to push towards our goals
If you are looking for a competitive player, ready to prove himself.

Please contact me through discord


Simplistic 2/10M, is a newly formed guild. Of irl friends, and long term ingame friendships.

We have come together, formed a mythic raiding guild. That will aim for CE each tier going forwards.

We raid Thursday and Sunday, from 20-23 Server time.

Any newcomers are welcome as Trial position, main raid team is preferably looking for Warrior, Warlock - Though all exceptional players are in consideration.

We are looking for socials, to help fill the optional guild events such as RBG’s, Arena, M+.

For any further questions, contact either;
Or on discord;