25 million subs incoming

Think about it. This is a fresh start, better than ANY wow expansion can give.

I think this is the one and only chance to bring back 12.5 million subs to wow, and with the posibility of wow going to Xbox that number can double (no matter how well they implement the change, that’s another discussion).

This is the fresh start everyone has been waiting for in the last decade. Many many changes are coming probably. Also don’t forget that Microsoft respects old titles/franchises (Atleast better than Activision).

Think about it, this is our only chance to make WoW great again!

I’m hyped, and I hope you too! :grin:


You do realise that the sale isn’t going through until 2023 don’t you?


Doubt WoW will ever go back to 10+ million subs. Not that it has to.


if you think 23m ppl will join this game, i wish u good recovery…


Just in time for the next expansion, which will be delayed because of this reason probably.

But this time the delay might actually deliver a good product :grin:

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Nothing will change until the sale is completed in 2023, so no not just in time.


We will not get 10.0 until next year 100% (even without any “external” intervention). So fingers crossed.

10.0 has been under development for the last year, Blizzard have always said they are two expansions ahead. If you think this sale is going to change 10,0 then you are in for a very sad surprise.

I agree, but I also think they will have a word from now on, in the influence of the games. If not directly than indirectly, by the dev team to pleasure the new bosses and their diection/filosophy. You don’t want to piss them off on the first day they are in charge.

I just think you have a really good character name.

More subs. Would be nice, but I think current WoW had its best time. Old WoW is not really relevant anymore. Except for a few old WoW players.
A new WoW would have a better chance I think. But that would take years to develop I guess

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Realistically we won’t see the result of Microsoft’s influence until 2025. But in the mean time though, i expect microtransactions to increase.

Nah I doubt it. Just because WoW would be on console doesn’t mean 10+ million people will start to play this game.

They can’t have a word or influence, they have no authority, the sale has only been agreed, not completed, its like someone buying a house, then expecting to knock down walls before the contract has gone through

I don’t think it will mean much for WoW in the short or long term as far as design and gameplay is concerned.

I mean, Blizzard are already designing around this notion where people’s approach to the game is “cyclical”. A new expansion or patch comes out and everyone starts playing again. And then a month or two later everyone’s had their fill and they leave until the next patch or expansion comes out.

So WoW goes through these highs and lows, and it’s done so for quite a while now.

And Blizzard are obviously designing the game around this player behavior. Each tier operates more like a Season now and can be played almost independently of everything else. And the catch-up mechanics are there to facilitate this constant in-and-out approach to the game that players have.

So if WoW goes to Xbox Game Pass and millions upon millions of people get instant access to the game, then it won’t really change anything. Blizzard will still be overwhelmed whenever they release a new expansion or patch, with login queues and crowded zones and so on. And the in-between time will continue being like it is now, where there’s little player activity and most players are on a hiatus.

So if anything, then Blizzard will just double-down on the design they’re already molding the game around, because it reflects the player behavior of the current WoW playerbase – and even more so it reflects the player behavior of Xbox Game Pass subscribers, who cycle through games on the constant.

If all goes well, then WoW will just have higher peaks during new releases, like in the past. But the majority of the time the player activity will still be driven by the increasingly smaller core audience of veteran players as we see today.


I’m hyped about Microsoft taking over Activision/Blizzard after seeing what they did to Age of Empires franchise and especially to Age of Empires II. AOE2: DE is what Warcraft 3 Reforged should look like. Microsoft listened to the feedback and is constantly adding new content for AOE 2. They released DLC with 3 more races and 3 more expansions last year (they tend to release one a year). They care about quality not about maximalizing income with lowest spending.

I’m sure that there will be a lot of pressure taken of dev team. Probably they will get more resources and time to deliver quality product.


The game servers will die before we would even reach the 25m mark.

I am not for hating and such, but back in the day I have played ff14 and I absolutely hated to have to interact with console players as NONE of them could or would type a word. I feel like this is a bad idea overall. Rather play with less than with more and zero quality interactions…


I’m not sure you are understanding how this will work. The ‘sale not completed until 2023’ doesn’t mean MS won’t start integrating Acti-blizz before that. Mergers of large companies happen in stages - after the offer is accepted there will be a period of due diligence where the buyer gets to open the books and satisfy themselves they haven’t been duped. After that they’ll carry out a management integration process and finally complete it with a reorganisation. But the process of changing directions and starting/cancelling new projects will begin at the end of the first phase.
Once MS is satisfied they haven’t been taken for a ride, they’ll start to pull the levers.
Obviously this means the next expac will be largely unaffected (because a lot of the work on it has already been done) but it doesn’t mean ‘nothing changes until 2023’.


at this point i believe they only have the 2 next expansion names planned, the lore is completely inconsistent and they are cutting content left and right.

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There’s no guarantees that the sale will end up with an improved WoW in years to come.