30+ M+ Key completed this week; not a single SoB

(Seralya) #1

Need Siege +15 for the season’s M+ feat of the strength. We have really worked our asses the last few weeks to get the other dungeons but this week our team have yet to get its hands on a single Siege key after more than 30 M+ runs completed. It’s absurd that you might need to run 40 keys to get the key you want to play. Yes it’s RNG but if it can be this bad then something should be done about it.

They could have, for instance, allowed us to continue deleting keys; this way at least we might get key we want after 5-10 runs instead of 40 to 50 runs. 5-10 runs to get your key isn’t “abuse” … I will be really mad if I don’t get the key this week.

(Dejarous) #2

Heh, ditto though we’ve only run about 15 keys.

I know we probably left it a little late but I didn’t think one of the biggest impediments to this FoS would be actually rolling the right keys.

(Lockhero) #3

Yea I also just tried siege 15, was so annoying. I was surprised at first, thought we were baddies for not even timing a 15 with 1.6k-1.8k players but then I realized that key is insane with these affixes.

I thought that shrine would be the worst key this week, took my friends 5 or 6 shrine runs to nail that but siege might be up there aswell maybe even worse.

I luckily only needed tol dagor this reset for achievement which I did but in the future best not to leave these hard keys for hard affixes.

(Seralya) #4

It’s not that we’re not able to finish it, we’re just not getting a key to even try.

(Gratna) #5

Rng is rng, maybe don’t wait till the last week to complete it. U can’t possibly expect that blizzard gives u everything on a silver platter.

(Seralya) #6

I don’t think getting the key we want after 30 M+ runs is a ‘silver platter’. Now we’re heading toward 40 M+ runs and we still have not gotten a single SoB key.


I wont make it. 4 dungeons left

sad week

(Gratna) #8

That is rng.

(Punyelf) #9

Are people not even selling their keys for these runs people are missing?

(Lockhero) #10

Yea on my server at least plenty of sellers

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