381 Warlock Looking for Mythic Raiding Guild


Hi Im Tz from EU Silvermoon been playing WoW on and off for a few years, and came back to wow for BFA and now main a Warlock. Recently outgrown my guild as they aren’t a progressive or mythic guild and I will lose my enjoyment for the game if I cant play end game content.

Im AOTC, and I know mythic uldir mechanics, however at this point we are obviously moving into a new raid so will be able to prove myself there. I run keys everyday I can, only do 11+ keys now just grinding that RIO score up.

I can raid everyday and Im on server time, however my job requires me to work at unspecified times and I may have to disappear for a few days, but I have kept an 85 percent attendance over the last 15-20 weeks raiding twice a week. Im from the UK but work in Germany, however only speak English aha.

Im not looking to server change or join a guild that isn’t looking to get cutting edge next raid, and would love to join a guild that has a strong mythic+ key running community.

Feel free to add me to talk on Battlenet TzHz#2977 or Discord Tz#9681.
Or just reply to the thread :slight_smile: