382 Frost Mage LF 4/8M guild


Hi, I’ll keep this short. I’m a 382 frost mage looking for a guild with 4/8M progress. I raided in previous expansions up to myth aggra in Legion. Currently 2/8 with the possibility of 4/8 with my current guild, but there’s just too much drama and too many immature people in the guild. Ideally I’d like a guild that doesn’t raid Fridays or Saturdays.


Hi Arcanumortis.

Why we are not 4/8 we are 3/8 and working on the 4/8 part :slight_smile:
We could use another friendly person to make the raiding days more safe :slight_smile:

/w me or another from the guild, if you want a trail with us.

We raid Wed and Thur from 20-23 ST and have a optional raid on monday from 20-23 aswell :slight_smile:

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8/8HC 2/8M, recruiting all DPS and Heals to fill the roster. We currently are focusing on mythic progression and mythic+ pushing and weekly farm. Raiding days are WED/THURS/SUN. 20:00-22:00 server time. /w for more info

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While we’re only 2/8M at the moment we could very easily clear more bosses if we had a full roster. Our current situation means that we pug in the last few people to fill our roster and as soon as someone leaves - well… there’s not much more we can do.

Our raid nights are Monday and Thursday from 20:30 - 23:30 Server time.

Out with raiding we run Mythic + keys, some do it just for the weekly 10 and others push keys.

If you like the sounds of any of that then add me on bnet: Twilightsky#2695

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